Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is part of a series of blogs from Admin in response to TRUTH or DARE week in the BLC. BLCers DARED Admin to perform various tasks. One was to show the good, bad and ugly in our cupboards and fridge! Here goes:

We start with my secret (not really, everybody knows where it is) stash of chocolate! The good stuff - currently 72% cacao from Trader Joes. These little bars will give me 2-4 servings of sanity! See my fish oil supplements and candles? Believe it or not, this cabinet has been recently cleaned (but not for this pic :- )

Canned goods! These are all tomato products - mostly low sodium and some organic. Yes, I have an entire drawer of tomatoes, tomato paste (though I appear to be out), and spaghetti sauce. It used to be full of canned green beans - yuck! But I have switched my family to the frozen kind - less sodium, more like a real green bean!

Not much in this drawer -coconut milk, pumpkin, DS's Cliff bars, hubby's peanuts, some mayo

My LARA bars! They were on sale at Whole Foods, so I bought boxes - not much left in either box, so I'm hoping for another sale soon!

Freezer - it's hard to tell, but you're looking at bags of frozen shredded cabbage, some chicken breasts, my lunch (that little round red top is veggie soup), and a bag of breakfast (chicken, eggs and veggie mix). I take premade breakfast and lunch in and pop them in the microwave each day. That's also a bag of okra in there. You'd also find some frozen fish - it's been there awhile because I'm not really a fan and nobody will eat it with me.

Spare freezer (and I wish it was MUCH bigger) - nuts, almond meal, flax seed, those stacks in the middle are shredded zucchini, several pork roasts (hubby's new obsession), chopped red/yellow peppers, pastured chicken. The packages on the door are hubby's ham (he eats ham sandwiches every day) and one roll of sausage - hubby's - I don't really like ham or sausage, so he stocks his own!

This is the spare fridge - not sure where the big fridge pic went. This is where we thaw frozen meat and keep our soda - the diet coke is mostly mine (I'm working on breaking this habit, so I moved it to the spare fridge so I have to walk farther to get there). Bottled water, a few veggies left from the challenge - carrots, parsnips, coconut and tapioca flour, a few dozed pastured eggs, anything that doesn't fit in the main fridge. And a shake from Steak n Shake - local diner. The shakes are pretty good, we've been buying them and taking them to my dad, who has gotten to the point where he's not eating much and we're trying to tempt him. Solid food doesn't work, but the shakes are tasty and a source of calories (other than the gin - for some reason he can still drink gin).

There you have it, a mix of healthy and not so healthy. Questions?
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