Discovering Zumba!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wow! I've been bit big time! When I got back to the states in August I rejoined the YMCA and decided to give Zumba a try. I failed miserably. I went to a few classes but was so frustrated and embarassed that I stopped going. My schedule changed and that seemed a reasonable excuse anyway. here I am in Aiken, SC and once again my schedule has changed. I joined Gold's Gym and decided to give Zumba another try but this time I stuck it out. I tried out different instructors, stood in the back, talked to other people in the class, and then....just like I had been told....I got it! I think it really took hold when I realized that no one is looking. Everyone is too busy either trying to keep up, improve, or just having fun. I always think about the saying "Dance like no one is looking" and for me, this is the Zumba essence. Also, I love how it trains my brain. All the things I thought I couldn't do are now being challenged. I think this is because of the high energy choreography that requires that you just do it.
I've been taking two - three classes a week. I do BodyFlow, CXwork, and run the other days. I don't want to get burned out on it - I want to always look forward to my Zumba class. My goal is to go to a certification training mid July. I hope to get trained in basic and then do a training in Zumbatomic. I might use it or not but I think it would be great fun and my husband is willing to give it to me as a birthday present. Woo hoo!

ps: a big shout out to REEKU731 who is so zumba inspiring! thanks!
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