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Positive Attitude and Friends.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I pride myself on being a positive thinking women. Usually very up beat.
There was a time that I wasn't. During my most morbidly obese years, I had lost hope. Negativity , doubt, and despair had found a home with in me. I had no positive thoughts, hopes, desires for a better life. I had given up, I was accepting my fate. I was worn down, no more fight left.
Then I was given a second chance. A life line was thrown my way, I had the good sense to grab it and hang on for dear life, for I really wanted to be normal again..
I didn't want to die an obese 350 lbs or more women. My doctor had told me I probably had a couple of years left in the state I was in.
I wanted to live.
I knew I had to find the old me. The girl who excelled in school. Who was always challenging herself to do more , be better, come out ahead.
The women who created a business out of nothing but an idea.
The women who let nothing stand in her way.
That women who was not afraid of going it alone, making a home for her family.
That positive, believe you can and you will women, was she still within me?
Time would tell.

I knew the success of any change is in the mind. Believe it strong enough, don't doubt your self.
That always worked for me before. It will work for me again. For this time I was fighting for my life.
There is no time for excuses. No time for "I'll do it tomorrow". It has got to be now.
Change how I look at food. How I think about food. What role does food have in my life.?
It didn't happen over night, it took me few months of trial and error. , but I got my positive attitude back. I was determined to do the best I have ever done at anything.
I felt driven, I felt like the old me, the women who didn't let anyone or anything stand in her way.

Time did tell the story:
Two years later, some 200 pounds lighter, very fit and healthy , the women I was meant to be has emerged.

I start each day out with meditation. I believe in positive energy. I believe we all have the capability to project this energy , but sometimes negativity seeps in , usually when we are in a stressed state and drains our positive energy. Leaving us feeling fractured, empty, a void that needs to be filled.
We can continue on in this state or we can do something about it.
But sometimes we don't know what to do, or how to change the way we feel, or what is happening in our lives.
Even I , who always wants to feel positive and refuses to let negative people or thoughts into my life. I have had moments when I feel that darkness , that negativity.
This past Monday was one of those days.
I have been under some stress lately with carpel tunnel surgery. The recovery takes energy, and leaves one tired, venerable .
My daughter has had some medical issues. Suffered a migraine induced stroke on Friday night. It leaves one incapacitated like a stroke, but it's not permanent damage.
She had some loss of feeling in left side and face. The doctor checked her out and explained the reason and the why, and later she was feeling better..
But Monday morning she woke up to the same numbness and husband rushed her to the doctors . He sent her to Portland for more extensive tests.
Of course Monday morning I was very concerned about her.
My business was undergoing some glitches and needed my attention.
It seemed when I walked in my office and started getting the calls and facing the problems, the illness's , I felt over whelmed. That usually doesn't happen with me.
I sat back and closed my eyes took a deep breath and tried to meditate.
I didn't seem to be doing any good..
I felt like going back into the safety of my bedroom, crawling into bed, pulling the covers up and going to sleep. Maybe I would wake up later and everything would be fine.
But instead I logged on to my computer and went to my e-mail.
There I saw a comment had been left on my Spark page. I clicked it on .
There I read a lovely message from June a Spark friend. Talking about our Grandson's and wishing me a nice Monday.
That was lovely . I need that,
I went back to my e mail. There I saw someone had sent me a goodie.
I went to check it out. It was a bear hug from Princess, wishing me a nice day..
Now I am smiling. Feeling so much better.
Through the virtual world of Spark, two women are giving me the friendship, and warmth and inspiring me to shake off that negative, empty feeling that was about to engulf me.
I later went on to read another message from a new friend who said I inspired her , and she need that.
Well I got back to her and told her and Princess, and June that they inspired me.
That's what Spark is all about.
It's a place where we can get support not just on how we eat or what we do for fitness, but in the friendship we give each other.
When we reach out , even in the simplest form of checking" I like" on our friends feed, it is saying that someone out there cares.
That is why Spark is so important in my life.
I have met some wonderful caring friends, always ready with a good well wish or caring message.
You invigorate me. We are all in this together. We might come from different walks of life. But the belief that we can live healthy and fit lives has drawn us together.
And that belief is real...WE CAN.
With all of us pulling together we will over come obstacles and come out stronger.
There is power in numbers.
Being on Spark, means you are never alone.
You always have the support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals.
But first you have to clear your mind of any negative thoughts and think positive.
Be positive, believe you can and you will.
Thought for today,"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.".
Peace and Love,
PS. My daughter is doing much better, should be no lingering damage from the "stroke".
My Great Grandson, Jadyn, who had the heart transplant at 18 months is back in the hospital. He had been doing so well, But he is in a coma . We are praying that he over comes this like he has all the other crisis. He is in Gods hand .
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog. Thank you for sharing.


    3132 days ago
    This blog is what SP's all about. Lifting each other up during times of stress and turmoil, when we're not feeling out best. Loved this blog. emoticon
    3134 days ago
    Great great great blog! Should be popular blow award!
    3134 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Tisha, I am late to this blog. I am praying your dear daughter has fully recovered, and that you are well on your way to a full recovery from this latest surgery. How is your great grandson? How very frightening. This is a beautiful blog. You are a beautiful woman. You have a wonderful spirit and a wonderful message and you are one of my favorite Sparklers, for sure. I was quite moved by what you wrote on my blog. I always think of myself as a struggler and I think of you as a person who fully embraced the changes you needed to make, but, of course there are times you struggle. You live so gracefully. Take care dear emoticon
    3134 days ago
    Thank you so much for your blog. I enjoyed it so much. It made me so hopeful.
    I have 180 more pounds to go to reach goal. I have lost around 18 pounds so far.
    I also know I can do this with friends and taking one day at a time.
    I thank you again.
    3142 days ago
  • BETHV10
    Wish I could give you a hug! You are an amazing woman and I can only hope that things work out for the best for you and your family. emoticon
    3143 days ago
  • CHEROKEE1946
    I like you needed something positive in my life today and so I checked in on your site.
    You always seem to have it together. I am glad that your daughter will have no lasting effects. I will be praying for your grandson that God will bless him and return him to all of you. I know you will work out the glitches in your business because you are a brilliant woman. Just know your spark friends are always here. God Bless all of you. Colleen
    3143 days ago
    Gf, you have been through a lot lately. Hang in there. Things will get better. I am sending prayers for you, your daughter, and great grandson. Love you!!!
    3148 days ago
    Hi Tish! I'm praying for your great grandson! I know he will overcome this latest setback, with your genes in him, he has some great positive thinking power and I'm sure his parents and grandparents do too.

    LOVED this blog. I just wrote a similar story about how everyone at Spark inspires me every bit as much as they say I inspire and motivate them. I honestly believe I could not have made the changes I made and have kept this weight off, without Spark! People like you here have helped me every step of the way and for friends like you I am forever grateful. God Bless you Tish and may He take good care of your Jadyn.
    3149 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11755023
    Tisha.....God put you here for us and that's a fact. You've been through and know exactly how we are feeling. I see so much of myself going through exactly what you went through and for some reason, in that itself, I am encouraged to plug along and stay on track.
    God love ya!
    3149 days ago
  • JILL313
    Tisha, as I've told you before you always inspire me to honestly believe in myself. You are the one I look up to and your life hasn't been an easy one even now you're dealing with your DD's stroke and your GGS coma. I'm praying for your loved ones to get through this. I know it is hard for you when you see them struggling with health issues. Yet, you always seems so positive and I probably would have turned to food for comfort but you are so strong and it didn't even seem to cross your mind. Your strong mindset is so healthy and you're so focused. I hope the worse of the recent surgery is almost gone and you soon can do what you like doing, exercise. You do handle all your stress well and I really admire that about you. Take good care of Yourself--Your an amazing woman. God Bless.


    3149 days ago
    Tisha you are a blessing to so many of us! I am praying that your grandson is OK!
    3149 days ago
    Hi, Tisha - sometimes it's just so difficult to muster up the strength of a positive attitude, especially in the face of worry and fear. I'm glad you found some strength in SP friends - they are the best, aren't they? Glad to hear your daughter is doing okay, and will pray for Jadyn as well. (((HUGS)))
    3149 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8667808
    Tisha, I'm so glad you reach out, it's not always easy, especially when we're overwhelmed. You deserve the love, we all do.
    So sorry to hear about your grandson, I'll keep him in my well wishings and prayers. And I'll give thanks for your daughter being ok.
    Take care. emoticon
    3149 days ago
    It makes me happy to add my prayers and good wishes to the love and prayers that I see other's sending you. I am visualizing threas of light being cast afar to brighten and strengthen each other's spirits....I guess that's the definition of the Spark that we each are meant to be to one another.
    Thanks, for adding light to my Spark today. It is needed and appreciated. I pray your Spark Strength is brightened today too.
    3149 days ago

    Thinking of you harnessing all of that calm, nourishing energy that is flowing to you from all over the SparkNation and that exists in your surroundings and even in the very air you breathe.

    3149 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    Your positive attitude inspires me daily Tisha and your determination to regain your health through diet, exercise and surgery has motivated many of us over the years to never quit. The fact that you have personal challenges like your daughter and great grandson's health, that are worrisome, and yet you go on and not let those experiences derail your determination is a lesson in itself. I'm so glad your spirits were lifted and you are grateful for the love and support you receive from those that you have encouraged. You are the Spark in so many lives and I hope you are as proud of yourself as we are emoticon

    My prayers are always with you and your family emoticon
    3149 days ago
    My son had a heart transplant three years ago so I know what a roller coaster that can be. We have been through cardiac arrest, blindness, 4 episodes of rejection and 2 serious infections. Will be praying for him.

    I have had a rough two days and your blog spoke to me.
    3149 days ago

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3149 days ago
    Dear Tisha,
    I'm always looking forward to reading your Blogs.One of the many reasons is in fact your positive attitude and outlook on life.You have worked hard to get "that second chance" in life...I am awed,inspired and grateful to read and learn from your example emoticon
    My thoughts and prayers also , for you and your Dear Daughter,and Sweet Great Grandson,may you all have a speedy recovery. emoticon
    3149 days ago
    So sorry to hear about the problems your daughter and great grandson are having. Problems like these do seem to come in bunches instead of one at a time. I admire the way you handle such stress even while recovering from your own surgery. Prayers for you all.
    3149 days ago
    Oh, Tisha! You are my positive sunbeam! I am sorry you have had your plate full of anxiety issues, and I hope and pray these things resolve in a Devine order!
    I am here should you ever need a shoulder!
    Take care!
    Love & Hugs!
    Mary emoticon
    3149 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, I just saw on my start page that you had posted a new blog and of course I came right over to read it. Tisha, if my little note helped you at that time I am so glad. You are right, to stay in positive energy we do need our Spark friends. They are there through thick and thin. Although your concerns were for your daughter, it seems no matter what age our children are when an illness threatens it is so scary. I know my daughter was diagnosed with melanoma about 6 months ago, although surgery was done on the area and she is being followed, they caught it very very early. Tisha, I am glad that your daughter will have no lingering effects, I guess she wasn't sure what was going on and that is very frightening. Tisha, I am also very sorry to hear about your great grandson Jadyn, you are right he is in God's hands and God takes care of his children. Please know that he is in my prayers. Tisha, you are one who not only says she needs the positive feedback from friends but you also send out such positive energy. I have gone back and read so many of your blogs to give me encouragement and motivation. So even words that you have written quite awhile back still bring encouragement, hope and motivation to me and many spark members. I know the carpel tunnel surgery has been a challenge and I know you have your upcoming surgery where you will have the cast and it will not be easy but Tisha I know that you will work around the obstacles. You always do....and you will stay in your positive zone just as you have in the past. emoticon emoticon June
    3149 days ago
    The coma is enough to ruin anyone's day. We're all pulling for him and you.
    3149 days ago
    You are such an inspiration to me and I so enjoy "checking in" with you every day by reading and commenting on your status. You've really had some challenges lately with the worry over your daughter and Great grandson and yet you show us that through it all, once a healthy lifestyle has been established, even the hard times and stresses will not shatter it. We can learn to apply our new lifestyles as a tool to make us stronger. I hope so much that your great grandson recovers, and my thoughts are with you and your family.

    emoticon emoticon
    3149 days ago
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