Back From The Wild

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wow - and I am back and celebrating some successes tonight.

Camp with 15 Boy Scouts this week started out most challenging as I found out when I got there that I would not simply be assisting but acting as Scoutmaster for the week at our campsite - that means getting the boys up at 6:30 AM each morning, getting them to their classes and destinations, handling all sorts of human conflict issues, bouts of homesickness, delegating work, keeping their spirits high, getting them to bed on time - and of course, having fun without getting hurt. Well, today we got back, and I am happy to report that all returned back safe and sound (and pretty tired)

We survived a fairly serious thunderstorm the second night - everyones tent stayed dry, and the third night - raccoons invaded our camp site and kept the adults up from 11 - 12 AM as they attempted to break into the garbage cans (most of the kids slept thru it)
- my tentmate and I debated chasing the raccoons away but they would have just come back at 4 AM so we waited them out - contrary to popular belief - they are not that sneaky, they are fairly loud and unconcerned animals.

Now back to spark business - my goal had been to lose 3 pounds - I actually lost 6 which had me thruilled today. Here is what camp life was like ( I took my FitBit pedometer to measure and I am glad I did)
* 6 days no Diet Coke - only 6-8 water bottles a day of plain water
* I avoided any sweets this week - my son and buddies would get slushies from the Trading Post but I avoided them as honestly the physical exertion required to navigate so far each day made sugar unappealing to me
* My pedometer showed me log between 9-16 miles each and every day - it was .7 miles from our campsite to the Dining Hall alone just for breakfast - well, when each meal is a 1.5 mile roundtrip - the miles add up
* If you know the Yankton area along the Missouri River, all of these miles are on very hilly property, the Dining Hall is at the top of a very tall hill - so the FitBit recorded on my toughest day (One in which I had to get some medical personel for a scout) over 150 equivalent flights of stairs climbed
* Some of these days, I bet I was sweating from 9 AM to 7 PM straight thru

Anyway, this boot-camp-like week was certainly one of my most physically demanding but did get me into the Top 3 Leaderboard in the national FitBit community for people over 40 - woohooo

My stats for the week were off the chart and going to make me look like a slacker for weeks to come

I hope to catch up with Sparkpeople blogs and pages soon - just still catching up on rest and wanted to say hello - thanks for the well wishes - will catch up with everyone soon

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