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Thursday, June 28, 2012

HELP Spark People - I've hit a rut of a plateau and cannot seem to get passed it!!

I walk a lot and I've just started bike riding again (Getting ready to ride for Cancer on July 8th), but I also plan to ride more even after that event!! (But it's not enough at the moment)

And I do not belong to a gym, I have in the past where I go a lot in the beginning and bring a friend to motivate me, but then it gets old or I make excuses or plans to not go......You know what I mean..........

So....What are some things that have worked for you in the past (or now) where you find yourself hitting and staying at a certain # on that lovely scale, lol ???
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    change your routine and I heard on SP somewhere that cutting 200 calories will help push past that too emoticon
    3072 days ago
    repeat after me - THIS IS TEMPORARY - I WILL get past this - I am not at this number forever - I will not give up - I WILL see the scale move again!!!

    I've had to repeat this to myself many times in the last few weeks - it is SO easy to start believing that we are stuck. emoticon
    3072 days ago
    Lots of great advice already - you can do it! Don't give up!!
    3072 days ago
    My body LOVES to plateau and I never know exactly what pushes me past one. Maybe changing it up with your exercise by adding some strength training? I use a lot of workout dvd's so I don't get bored. Walking/biking are great for cardio, but some interval/circuit type workouts might confuse your body into breaking your plateau. I have also tried eating a few different foods if I've been in a rut. Trying new fruits/veggies or making a new recipe might help. I have also tried to consistently track my food here on SP and always run the report at the end of the day to see what my % for carb/proten/fat is. If I hit a plateau, I will look at changing the types of foods I'm eating to lower the carbs, increase the protein, etc. Hope you find something that works for you. Just be consistent and keep making healthy choices and that scale will eventually have to catch up!
    3072 days ago
    Thank you all for your wonderful comments, advice and motivation!! I really do appreciate it and am taking notes :):):):)
    3072 days ago
    I've turned my walking into running and I've increased my fruits and veggies alot. I broke thru my plateau. Good Luck and hang in there. It will pass.
    3072 days ago
    Try changes in your diet & changing your workout routine.
    3072 days ago
    I too have reached a plateau feels like I'm bulking on more muscle than losing weight. I've heard that once you reach a plateau you should do several different kinds of workouts because your body is probably used to doing whatever workout you do the most. It's at these times I just wanna get rid of the scale emoticon
    3072 days ago
    well, plateus are GOING to happen but good for you for not giving up and moving fowrad,

    There are LOTS of things to do. Are you near a swimming pool? Tennis? Rec Center?

    Or do you have DVD workouts you can do (free at library, on demand, or Netflix) Those are my personal faves because it's just me...I don't like swimming LOL

    the hardest thing though is consistency in activity. I know that's MY frog. But if we stick with it...I just know you'll bust through that plateu!!!
    3073 days ago
    It sounds like as long as you keep it moving--- you're doing just fine. I've come to realize I self-sabotage by not enjoying where I am and always wishing I was someplace else. Learn to enjoy the journey! If you get in a rut but you continue to walk consistently that's just fine. Doing nothing--now that's a rut. BTW you're beautiful! emoticon
    3073 days ago
  • LADYJ6942
    I've found increasing my fruits and veggies to help well cutting back on treats, using canned good or jugs of water for weight restistance or a resistance band for some strength training to help, even good old calistetics.

    Take a look at your too diet, maybe re-evaluate your bmr and caloric needs. Maybe more water and more sleep, oh so many variables.

    Good luck
    3073 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8022584
    Just keep at it, I had the same problem last year. I am older, not as much muscle, so burning off the fat takes longer, but after I added to exercise to total of 60 min cardio walking the pounds came off. 30 lbs in a year. Tracked all food, stayed within low range. Seemed to work, was just slow. I gained ten lbs back over holidays though. Working on that now with a Biggest Loser Team Challenge, is helping to get me back to losing again.
    Keep sparking and do what you are doing, maybe add some more time walking and a little brisker, you'll break that plateau. I know it, you're a Spark People person!!!
    3073 days ago
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