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Celebrating Canada Day!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Canada Day is Monday--Yeah!!!! Flags will be flown---

We are proud to be Canadian--
Our flag has a Maple Leaf on it--It is red and white-We used to be British----We still have a Queen--very symbolic now---We have a Prime Minister--not a President--Harper is his last name.
Canadians love Obama---
Canadians are a quiet bunch---We don't ""rock the boat"" very much--We like vinigre on our fries--We like Poutine-(fries with gravy and cheese)-We have 2 National languages-English and French-We have a pretty harsh winter and enjoy it--We wear Toques (hats) in the winter--We are proud of our health care but pay for it in our taxes--

We have Provinces--not States--Our National Anthem is "'Oh Canada""---
We have a lot of lakes---We have the Tar Sands out West--We have the Royal Canadian Mounted Police--We have ""Toonies", a large coin, for a $2 bill--The Beaver is a silly symbol that we use---
We holiday in the US a lot---We like Americans---
You might say , we are a lot like the people in the US--but-----We aren't really---We are CANADIAN------a bit British---like, we say "'Boat"" , stressing the "'O""for "" the word, ""about""----LOL-----Crazy stuff like that---

But---it's time to hit that Dreadmill----tis hot over 90 F yesterday and to-day---
Hug an older person to-day---the invisable ones!-----keep your Germans (as in dogs) inside outta the heat--Enjoy the day Sparklers---I love ya!
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