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can't fool any of the people----but--I want to---LOL

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Funny----I think that I look young---at least younger than my almost (ahem!) 70 years--
But-----no matter how much colour goes onto the hair --and all the expensive face cream being used daily----and the new teeth----I think the age is showing through--(Oh woe is me!)--LOL-
I was reminded of that yesterday--
We were driving home , from the big city-We pulled up to a ""Wendy's---We had the 2 Germans (as in dogs)-in the car so had to stay in the car to eat--Husband had gone to the washroom, leaving me in our vehicle, to pick up our order at the window--
The young man at the window was starring at me--kinda squinting---as he told me the amount I needed to pay him--
I saw his eyes --really starring at me--closely--
I handed him the money-----as I was thinking, "'He thinks I look hot""--(sorta thought he was thinking I was lookin' good)-I looked in the rear view mirror and fixed my hair a bit--
He returned to the window with my change--then said--"'I gave you the Senior Rate""--
I said, ""Why""-----
Then---It dawned on me just what he said---He had seen that I was a ""senior""---and without asking, gave me the discount--
I thanked this young man----for the discount--and said, I never knew Wendy's had a Seniors discount--as I began to laugh--
Husband returned to the car, and we both started to laugh--
So--you see---You can't fool any of the people , any of the time--LOL----when you are nearly ""Old""------It shines through--LOL-----
----nice young man-----LOL------
But-------to-day , tis cooler-----and I hear that walking out on the back road might keep me limber----Maybe we should give a hoot and a hollar to all the old women out there, who still think they look 16!!--LOL
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    Thank you for the chuckle, Lynda.

    I tend to go on the other side of the coin & find that nothing busts this gal's bubble like realizing, after the fact, that I could have gotten a senior discount & wasn't aware of the discount on offer during the transaction.

    I am not saying that any observant cashier would be confused as to if I qualify for a senior discount. I do believe that they could be on orders not to offer if a customer isn't aware of the discount. Or maybe they are told not to possibly insult a customer by assuming that they are old enough for a senior discount. Whatever the reason for not cluing me in on the offer is - the penny pinching gal that I am wants the discount & doesn't care if anyone preceives me as looking old enough to be a senior! emoticon

    My sweet mother (with her Jackie O looks), on the other hand, would rather not have the benefit of the discount in order to continue believeing that she doesn't look her age. Too vain! emoticon Still, she is perfectly happy to benefit from the discount if my step-Dad gets it. Too funny!

    Our Albertson's gives a ten percent senior discount each first Wednesday of the month & I am quick to remind the cashiers that I qualify for that fifty-five & older discount - just so there is no confusion! emoticon

    I figure that there is still the young gal Ima inside & as long as my beloved MrV & I know she is there that is enough to satisfy this gal. emoticon

    God bless & keep you young at heart!

    2712 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Luv PASTORMAE5 's comment, "Senior discounts easy on the pocketbook, but hard on the ego." It's soooooooooo true! Always remember being with my Mom the first time she was asked if she wanted the seniors' rate, she was so insulted. I never know whether I qualify or not as some start at 55 and others at 65 - it would be nice if they were posted.

    2713 days ago
    Senior discounts easy on the pocketbook, but hard on the ego.
    2713 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    What a hoot! I so relate. We are as young as we feel and unfortunately, there is always going to be some young thing that gives us the senior discount to bust our bubbles and bring us back into reality. Too funny.

    Take care and have a good weekend. Personally, I am glad we are on this journey together as I am closer to 70 now than 60. Yie, yie, yie!

    Love you.

    2713 days ago
    Had as glass of wine when we were eating out while traveling. Got carded. OK! FINE! The kid who carded me might have been JUST 21!

    You're only as old as you feel . . . mostly! . . . right!?! But one things for sure, wouldn't want to go back in age without the benefit of the knowledge I've gained.

    I wear my grays proudly!!
    2713 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    They keep offering my husband senior discounts. I tell him it's because his mustache is glowing it's so gray, but he won't shave it off. emoticon
    2713 days ago
    I had to laugh... because I, too, have reached a certain level of "wrinkled" or "spotted" or whatever that when I go do my athletic things... I have been asked by strangers the once-considered-rude question, "If you don't mind telling, how old are you?"

    I got asked at the obstacle course I did on Memorial Day. I got asked when I was out biking on Trail Trek weekend. Funny thing? I don't mind! I'm older and I'm fit and I'm proud of it! Age and weight are just numbers. We are US! And we're worth keeping the motors tuned and in great shape for whatever outing we choose to take ourselves on.

    Spark on my friend! emoticon emoticon emoticon We ARE emoticon
    2713 days ago
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