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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Wednesday at weigh-in I was down another 3.4 pounds. That gave me a grand total, according to Weight watchers of a 74 pound loss from the very beginning of my current WL journey since 2001. Somehow the Spark numbers come out 73.8, but that's because I must have entered something incorrectly. I'll go back and fix it one day when there's a a toss-up between chocolate and fixing my numbers! LOL
Eleven years and just approaching the two's. That included a three year plateau experience that would have done in a lesser soul. but I HAD NOWHERE ELSE TO GO , ANYWAY, so I stayed on the road. To turn around and go back would have meant certain premature death at my size and with my inoperable hernia. So I stayed, and am staying, and will finish the race, on wheels, but going forward. All by the Grace of God.
Looking back, the plateau was a blessing, as many of life's twists and turns seem to be, in the end. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE SCALE BECOMES A YO-YO? I stopped and studied, and applied everything I learned 'til a new plan appeared for me to follow. The little saying I used on my title page turned out to be quite prophetic: The weight was worth the wait!
I feel energized again, and hopeful, like my goals are doable.
This is the time to be very very careful, because goal achievement can get very tricky around now. I'm getting rid of a certain food item tomorrow that is beginning to intrude heavily on my mind, and if I eat it I will blow the whole game. So if no one will take it, I'm throwing it in the garbage! If i have to do it tonight, I WILL. I PROMISE!!
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