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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

emoticon emoticon emoticon Yes I did! I knew I would have to; but when I wrote my last blog, I thought it would be a toss-up between the Sp weight loss tracker and chocolate cake. But no, it just really bothered me, soooo, I went back this morning and changed my weight entry to match my actual weight loss of 74 pounds. So what does .2 of 1 pound mean? A lot when you're doing daily battle in the mind and spirit as well as the flesh! I earned that .2 weight loss and I wasn't letting go of it. It's the same as when I go into the Weight Watcher meeting room and get on the scale only to have it register a water weight gain. It's STILL A GAIN. I still feel it. My head may say it's ok, but my heart longs for justice.
I had a little emotional zing from a dear friend yesterday, well meaning as it was, and not about me at all. But it felt like it was a reflection on me and I couldn't help wondering if that friend wasn't chastising me in her very non-aggressive passive aggressive way. If she doesn't like something I say, fore instance, she always "has another call" waiting in the nicest way, but the passivity of it makes me feel like an aggressive idiot sometimes. End of discussion. And there's another person in my life who says"okay" to everything and then does none of the things I try to help her do. So after she's done dumping her woes on me, she goes away leaving me drained and she feels justified in doing nothing as usual, since what I advise usually requires some action and faith in the process and trust in God.
So today as I go out to help at my church's Vacation bible school, with a temporary filling that keeps falling out of my tooth, and facing mid-90's degree weather, I couldn't let that .2 pound get swept away. It was the one thing I could change that was meaningful to me today. So there, the Sp weight loss tracker and the WW scale are in sync, the ducks are in a row, I've repacked a temp filling in my tooth for now, and I'm off to help the VBS kids do their crafts if I can stay awake long enough. LOL I will definitely be taking a nap this afternoon in the heat of day, God willing. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    What gave me a lot of relief when I first entered the rooms of twelvesteps meetings was the rule that I was not allowed to comment or give advice to others if not specifically asked to. As I am the kind of person who wants to help if I can, I get tense when people tell me about their problems, I might not be listening a hundred procent because half my brain is occupied with searching for solutions to the problems. As I was no tallowed to "help" by advicing I could start to relax and really listen to what people were saying. It was a true relief to let go of that tension! And - later on I experienced that people was nagging about the same thing week after week ( i could get very irritated and bored inside, having to listen to it) but then, suddenly one day, they were over it and moved on. Without me helping them at all!

    Sort of a bummer that everybody managed without my help, I had sacrified so much to be a good samaritan....

    I do not avoid negative people, I use them to practise to identify my emotions and draw boundaries. It is very smart of you to notice that that friend uses the "call waiting" excuse when she starts to feel uncomfortable, doesn´t it make you want to giggle once you found that out?
    3051 days ago
    Thanks Patty, I have to stay away from the negativity in my life also. Nothing worse than feeling really good and have someone say something that brings you down. Hope you got your nap. (hugs) Noel
    3051 days ago
    I agree... don't let other people drag you down. You're doing a wonderful job, and you can try to help others, but if they aren't willing, or able to this time, try to find someone positive to hang out with.
    3051 days ago
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    You got your best advice from Vista. Stay away from the negative. You have a very kind heart. don't let anyone take that away from you. Working with the Kids at VBS is a very spirit lifting activity. Keep Smiling and Take it One Day at a Time. God Bless
    3051 days ago
    Ah, yes......VBS! Take SP advice and try to stay away from the negative people! emoticon
    3051 days ago
    Hope VBS and the kids gave you a lift when you spent time with them! Our friends can give us lots of support and help, but the converse is true, too. I have come to try to avoid those whom I know will not be supportive or interested in what I have to say, but rather only want to listen to themselves talk! Good luck with the tooth, also!! Love, Jeannie
    3051 days ago
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