Marking my one year anniversary!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Today marks one full year of embracing health--cutting wheat by 99% (grains by about 95% since I still occasionally eat quinoa or brown rice), sugar by 99% (there's apparently sugar in ketchup and tomato sauce), caffeine by 95% (they tell me there's still caffeine in decaffeinated tea), carbonation by 99%, artificial sweetener by 95%, dairy by about 85%, red meat by about 95%, processed foods by about 90% and being flexible enough not to go nuts that none of this was cut by 100%. July 27 marks a full year of consistent (5-7x week) exercise at the gym or by walking. I am 72 lbs lighter, I don't know how many inches I've gotten rid of but my waist is almost 24" again (!), have no knee pain, no back pain, have a normal BMI, have normal blood sugar (no more pre-diabetes),normal blood pressure (no more pills), no more depression (no more pills), my skin is clearer, I don't have hot flashes and I don't have impending glaucoma. The only thing that wasn't cleared up was my cholesterol, which is apparently genetic and I still take Lipitor.

I want to thank everyone who has beared with me, listening to these boring updates ad nauseum and not told me to shut up. (I pat myself on the back because it's so much better for me than eating candy to reward myself!) Also those who have not told me to stop posting pictures and posts advocating good health. You've been very patient with me and I appreciate it!

By the way--I *did* stay grain and sugar free over my 17 days in Europe. I couldn't log on (no Internet) to mark my progress or list my foods but I kept a diary of them in my Smartphone!
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