Spark Calorie Range Confusion

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ok, I've been trying to figure something out with my calorie ranges and just can't wrap my brain around it, hoping some of you very smart people can help me figure this out.

I currently have an input of 3500 calories to burn each week. I burn these usually over 5 days, at 70 minutes per day average at least over those five days. With this information, at my weight, Spark gives me a range of 1300-1650 calories per day.

Out of curiousity I decided to see what would happen to my ranges if I didn't exercise so much, so I input only one day of excercise for 10 minutes burning 100 calories and I got a range of 1200-1550. So busting my ass five days a week is only netting me an extra hundred calories a day???? That just seems wrong. A measely 100 calories per day, for all my 5:30 a.m. sweat sessions.

Does this seem right to you? Am I doing something wrong? I'm not losing much weight anymore either.

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    I suggest you to change your diet around a bit and do something different you never done before your body gets use to doing the same thing.find a way to shock your body, do this like i do every month go on the cabbage soup diet for one week it really has helped me and i even also drink extra water and do some type of exercise my body never has done before.your body gets use to doing the same thing all the time so change something around that you never did before it worked for me.and the cabbage soup diet cleans your body out gets rids of fat and junk out of you. emoticon
    2906 days ago
    The range won't change, but your scale will!
    2907 days ago
  • BTURPEN3721
    Rockman has got it...that is just it though that range is the lowest SP will go.
    2908 days ago
  • BMDEP55
    I am more confused than when I started.. Is this saying I would lose more if I follow the high calorie range SP gave me than if I followed the range my nutritionist gave me? That seems odd.. why would eating more calories help me have better success taking off lbs? emoticon
    2910 days ago
    it seems for me when i eat towards the high end of the calorie range i lose more weight , that is an odd concept for me and my body builder husband, but i stopped listening to him years ago! lol all I know is some nights i need to find an extra snack just to get into the calorie range at all, it is a lot of food to eat , if you are not eating processed junk, but it is working and i have energy at midnight , where i was barely functioning at all before, yay spark
    blessings on your journey!
    2910 days ago
    I'm with ROCKMAN - 1200 is as low as SP will allow a female to go, therefore, no matter how you fool with the numbers, if you're regular range is around 1300 calories, you're not going to see much difference because it won't dip below 1200 by default. That being said, make sure you changed all the proper goals mentioned to ensure you're getting accurate readings. Of course, like SEPPI said, if you're losing at a rate that is acceptable to you - just keep moving forward. ;)
    2910 days ago
    I started ignoring the calorie ranges and started losing weight again. lol-not quite that drastic, but almost. I use the SP range as a very loose guideline. If I am under, yippee. If I go over, well drat I must have been extra hungry. With how far off things are in the area of calorie burn (really, their numbers are hideous) I figure that unless I'm wearing an HR monitor 24/7 there is no way that this "science" is going to be anywhere near exact. Sorry I don't have better advice, but if you increased your activity level and aren't losing weight then something else in the equation is off. Hope your investigation pays off in results. Maybe search for a different calorie calculator and see what it says. Not sure if fitocracy or myfitnesspal use calorie calculators, but worth a check?
    2913 days ago
  • SWAZY33
    I was interested in reading responses on this. It is something that also confuses me. I did the same thing playing around with diff goals/fitness and changing my goal date seemed to bump up the amount of calories the most. I've heard many ppl say "eat more calories to lose" but eat basically the same range and have stayed the same and not really lost in awhile so maybe this (higher calorie range) IS the key?? that or lowering my range...grrr, if I can only figure that out!
    2915 days ago
    Oh, math?! Drats. I never really understood all of the math-y bits. I am glad I read Pooki's comment though - didn't realize the updates needed to be done in both places.

    Battle on, warrior.

    2916 days ago
    Did you set a date? If your date is for example, December 15, 2012 to lose the weight you put in, it also takes this into account.
    2916 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Not sure that you hit enough of the update buttons to get that number, you need to update fitness AND nutrition page... just click save on the nutrition page as well.
    2916 days ago
  • SJOHNS30
    Did u manually enter in ur fitness goals that u burn 3500 a week? I enter in that i burn 2000 a week and it significantly increased my ranges (like by 300 cal a day). Im not sure how our sizes or weight loss timelines differ but maybe double check that u manually typed in 3500 a week
    2917 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    You are right that does not seem to be correct? I think the 1200-1550 calories per day range is the lowest SP will advise you to follow. Burning 700 calories extra per day ought to afford you at least 200-300 calories more per day. If you are attempting to lose more than 3 pounds per week then this may be the reason for the low daily calorie range. In order to create the necessary deficit SP is attempting to reach this number by limiting your daily calories. You might also consider taking in more calories on the days your work out, perhaps 200-300 more than suggested. I suffered through a similar plateau when I was in the 220's but after significantly increasing my calories I lost 20 additional pounds rather quickly. It would not appear to make sense but eating more calories got me past that plateau.
    Nevertheless, excellent work on maintaining what you have lost!

    2917 days ago
    I think your answer would be in your results. If you are losing weight at a rate that is acceptable to you when you eat within the SP recommended range, then keep at it. If not, adjust it yourself.

    Personally, I was losing weight too fast with my SP range (about 3lb/wk, which sounds great, but I was too hungry) and had to adjust it to get to a point where I was losing more slowly (1lb/wk). The way I did that was by telling it I was exercising WAY more than I really do so that it would increase my calorie range for me.

    Good luck!
    2917 days ago
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