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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hi Peeps!
Well, instead of "expelling" Nick, which would have meant a private school , homeschooling or no schooling, she decided to "suspend" him for 364 days. May sound bad, BUT since he has an IEP (Individual Education Program) they must offer him services. SO..this means he will go to Bird (the High school) Lab, which means, he can go in the afternoons, do his English 8, which he needed to pass to go to 9th grade. So he can take that and all his 9th grade classes as well. He is THRILLED, that he doesn't have to go back to Salem, as am I, which has been a total nightmare for the past 3 years.
He went to Bird Lab, after being booted out of 6th grade towards the end of the year, for having meltdowns at school....and of course NOT being on the same page as everyone else. So when he went to Lab, they sent him his stack of work to do, which he would do all of it in like an hour and then go help OLDER kids with their Math. At the end, he finished 2 weeks EARLY since they had no more work to send him! So the teacher that gave him an F all year, whom I fought all year, had to eat crow when he passed with an A....Imagine that.
I am thrilled and thank God he has been given this opportunity, which gives him a year to get through all this upcoming court mess, which I still have heard nothing about, finish his psychological evaluations and get on the correct meds.
THANKS to everyone who prayed for Nick and I, we still have a long row to hoe, but we are certainly off to a good start!!!
Janet (and Nick)
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