My Husband Was Seen With Another Woman

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Received a call from a friend the other day. One I don't speak too often and haven't seen for awhile. Out of the blue, Sunday evening call. "Hey, how are you, how are things going?" type call. Usual chit chat but a little weird to be so out of the blue. Kids are good, families are good, everybody's alive and thriving. Winding down the pleasantries and about to gear towards ending the call when she asked me, "How are you and your husband getting along?" Took me by surprise, but I answered honestly, I thought we were doing pretty well. He's been busy working a lot doing a lot of overnights, but should be slowing down soon. Why do you ask I inquired. She says, "Welllllll, I didn't know if I should say anything but his aunt told me she saw some other woman on the back of his bike earlier today and she was draped all over him and she looked a lot younger." She said she debated about calling but thought she'd want to know if the shoe were on the other foot.

It took me a minute. For a second, I was angry. Who in the hell does he think he is. Who does she think SHE is. Hey wait.



I was on his bike with him earlier that day. I am the other woman.

I started laughing. My friend said, "Are you ok, do you need me to come over." I was laughing so hard, I was crying. I couldn't catch my breath. When I finally recovered, I told her it was me. I was on the bike with him. He had been with me all day. She said, Well his aunt said it wasn't you for sure. This lady was young and much smaller than you." I'm still smiling/laughing and said it was me. I'm smaller than I was and possibly younger now just hearing this!

That's my funny story from the weekend.

Be careful, you just may become "The Other Woman"!
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