My Dad...............He Is SO Ready To Go....Heartbreaking

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This past weekend was my assigned weekend to spend with my parents and help Mom take care of Dad. Mom and I had a few discussions about what will happen after he passes, which of course we ALL dread, but he is in Hospice. This weekend seemed to be a bit different... their neighbor commented on how Jeanne and Tim (my sister "The Warden" and her ahole hubby (which NO ONE LIKES) ......Their neighbor , William, who is our safety net, we know if William is home, no matter what time it is, he will be there if Mom calls needing help.
He mentioned to me this weekend that he thought after Pop passes, Jeanne and her worthless hubby Tim will be trying to move on in. I laughed and said, well there will be 4 siblings blocking the door, that WILL NOT HAPPEN.
Let me explain, Jeanne and Tim had a home (right across the street from my parents (which mom hated, a little TOO close ya know?) So now they are living FREE with Tims "loopy sister" and they are SO tired of it. WAAA...
Mom has told them they need to get an apartment. Jeanne cannot get a job since she is a recent felon (noboby's fault but hers)..Now Jeanne had a GREAT job, for 19 years at Bon Sequores Hospital, in accounting. She had worked her way up thru the ranks and had 1 year until she could retire at the age of 44..... She had gone to college and got a Bachelors (I think) in Business Administration, Criminal Justice and forensics..... this was to be her 2nd career.... Instead of all that happening she got busted for embezzling $54, now all her degrees aren't worth the paper its printed on. She cant get a job, and all of us siblings have backed away a bit, due to the shock. We didnt find out until she had been locked up. She had a chance to pay it back and keep her job, but lied and said, she knew nothing. (Bad Move)
Bottom line is she cannot get a job and stays at Moms and Pops M-F helping with Dad. Now she does a good job, a bit too nosey for my Mom,,,,,But Mom keeps her in line.
Anyhow the bottom line is...they are sick of living with HIS sister (for free) and are ready to move out, a shame it WONT be to my Mothers.
So although they think they have it made, they are in for a big surprise..... NONE OF US SIBLINGS, NOR MY MOM, will allow this....And as long as Mom understands this all is well. Jeanne does help a lot with dad's meds and stuff.. but she started staying there due to last years hurricane, and a tree fell on sister in laws house. All fixed now though...but the sister in law is a lil loopy to say the least BUT WHO'S problem is that??
She leaves at 12 on Fridays, when she knows the rest of us work and cant get there that early, and doesn't return until 9 pm Sunday night, when she knows we have kids, jobs etc.
She does No dishes, NO cleaning, she sleeps and plays on the computer (Moms) all day.
She is a control freak BIGTIME, and I think since she has lost control of her life, she wants to control my parents,, Thank God Mom is on to it. She told them they need to get an apt. They smoke like freight trains, Mom and Pop don't smoke.....Anyhow, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.
While mom and I were outside on the swing, she mentioned (for the first time) that she wanted to get a smaller place.....WOW...she LOVES to travel, which Dad always frowned upon, because he didn't like and she would go anyway with her sisters etc... she said HER siblings have trips lined up for her, which I think is GREAT!!
My Mother is THE most HONEST person on the face of this earth, or in the top 3... She is an absolute ANGEL......So I must say I feel a bit sorry for Jeanne and Tim, since they are in for a rude awakening.. BUMMER FOR THEM!
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    Isn't this always the case? There is always one in every family that is messed up and likes to mess up everyone else's life instead of fixing their own.

    I do hope your mother gets to travel and enjoys herself. And maybe the smaller place she is thinking of will be just enough room that your sister and her husband will NEVER fit into.

    I am so sorry to hear about your father. I know it happens to all of us when we grow up, but I am crying my eyes out to think of it. My parents have been here with me for the past week, which I have enjoyed. But it is now time for them to get back on the road and go back to work (dad drives truck up an ddown the east coast - from one home to the other, actually). I need some private time with just me and my brain. They can come back next week when they have another run down here, so I usually see them every week.

    Will send positive energy your way, or will come carrying when you need it!!
    3117 days ago
    Kisses and hugs to you my friend emoticon emoticon
    3120 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8022584
    She did it to herself, the truth always wins out! She lied and suffered the consequences. No job. Probably ever. People just don't know when they had it made until after the fact. Does Tim work??? Don't let them just move in to the home, bar the doors if you have to.
    She doesn't sound like much help anyhow. Start her ship a sinking, rats always leave a sinking ship.
    Sorry to hear your pops is not doing well. Prayer chain your family will be on is a good one.
    Phyllis emoticon
    3120 days ago
    3121 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Praying that nothing goes sideways. I've seen it happen time and time again that the wrong people make the first moves after someone dies...
    3121 days ago
    I am saying prayers for you and your family!
    3121 days ago
    HUGS! We are all here for you sweetie! *SQUEEEEEZE* Your book should be called, "Memoirs of a Cocked Glock" LOL. or "Can't beat him, can't kill him..." lol
    3122 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    I do hope that God will help your family and your Dad through this difficult time. It is never easy when a loved one passes, and standing by as it happens is indeed heartbreaking. Why don't you and your mom start talking about a move to a smaller place? I have a friend who has gone through a similar situation. It is hard on the family.
    I know you'll stay strong and be there for your mom. Encourage her in her dreams.
    3122 days ago
    emoticon I know that this is a hard time for you and your mom. I am glad that most of your siblings agree with the one sis not moving in.

    Take care of yourself and you will be in my thoughts and prayers!
    3122 days ago
    I'm with Nellie. Stay strong, and when the time comes your mom will need alot of support to keep those "rats" away. Good luck with everything. Will keep you in my prayers too.
    3122 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1951302
    It is always a shock, even when you are prepared, when a loved one dies. And unfortunately, that is when the "rats" come out of their holes! I am praying for you and for your family -- even for the rats since they need to change their ways!
    3122 days ago
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