Stupid Inconsistent Clothing Sizing...A RANT!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So...I have been fitting very nicely into 18's these days (dresses, skirts, pants). It has been a "thrill" for me to be "back into the teens"...I feel like it's a safety net of sorts. In an 18, I finally feel like I have OPTIONS again! I can shop at most stores, choose clothing because I like it (not just because it fits), and (worst case scenario) if I gain a few pounds for some reason, size 20's are pretty easy to find too!! I can't describe how GOOD it feels to shop freely again!! This being said:


(This is where my rant comes in.)

I guess I was getting cocky, because for the last few months, every 18 I've tried on at every store I've been to has fit. So yesterday when I saw a pair of size 18 Levi's on sale (for cheap!!), I just grabbed them and bought them. I (stupidly) didn't try them on because the girls were being difficult, I was tired, and to be honest, I felt a little empowered that I felt like I COULD buy an article of clothing without trying it on. So I did. And the stupid, stupid jeans don't fit. I don't mean a little muffin top action...I can't get the stupid things past my hips. I'm fairly sure these jeans are actually more of a size 14...which just makes me mad. How can the same stupid clothing company sell items of the same size that are NOT the same size???

Happy unhappy.

I will recover, of course. There will be other jeans, and they will be in smaller sizes. But for now, I feel like I'm "stuck" with a pair of size 18's that are not going to fit until I'm a size 14, and really, who wants to be a size 14 wearing size 18 pants???

Shame on you, Levi's. For Shame. :)
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    Old Navy is notorious for this problem, too!
    2946 days ago
    Levis run small. There are several companies like that. Lei run small too. They are jerks. :(

    I had a similar rant about standardizing clothing sizes a while back. It is irritating!

    Keep up the great work- soon you will be able to tell Levi to kiss you buns of steel! ;)
    3115 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/18/2012 11:20:05 AM
    You should scribble out the 1 (with a sharpie) and make them 8s, and then when you're a 14 and fit in them, they'll be your size 8 jeans that make you feel AMAZING! :O)
    3115 days ago
    this is one of the reasons i refuse to buy new clothes. I wait until family and friends clean out their closets and then i rummage through them take what i need and send the rest to charity . Once i no longer fit in their clothes i guess i will have to start shopping but i have alot of time before that happens lol
    3116 days ago
  • DR8561
    I know what you mean! I'm shopping the thrift stores for now. I went from 18W to 18 and bought 2 pair of jeans. One fits great and the other won't go over my hips. This is one of my pet peeves - along with department stores hiding their plus-size section back in a corner. emoticon
    3116 days ago
    my hubby never tries clothes on at the store. i always do. i try everything on. even 1 brand will have multiple cuts and designs that may not fit right. it would be nice if they ll had the same measurement standard.
    3116 days ago
    Congratulations on the weight loss!!!

    Jackie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3116 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4892468
    Yea I think Levi jeans run VERY small!! I also feel like they are not flattering for the thicker thighed girl (ME), and I don't own a pair.

    Use em as some goal jeans!
    3116 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Sometimes your name brands run a little smaller. You'll get into them eventually. Have a great day.
    3116 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12765175
    Levis have always fit small(i have fallen into their trap many times!) but i also hate that when you buy your size and seriously think it fits and you cant even get it up your legs! chin up girl, it happens to the best of us! emoticon
    3116 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/16/2012 5:28:04 PM
  • SAM_I_AM_2K
    Agreed! They are totally stupid!
    I have a 4 size range based on brand and fit... I really like to wear the one pair that is smaller than the rest (even though it looks the same, I know it's smaller)! lol
    3117 days ago
    This is why I almost never buy clothes online, it's such a crapshoot! I agree with the person that said cut the tags out...OR write over the 18 with whatever size you are generally fitting into when they fit, that way you'll know! :-)
    3117 days ago
    Don't even get me started! Old Navy is awful! And yesterday I fit into an 8 at Banana Republic (WTH?) and a 6 curvy at Ann Taylor. Different cuts make things so much more challenging! And don't even get me going about spandex in pants! Sure it's nice but really? It's so much easier to gain weight without noticing when your pants stretch!!!!

    As much as I'd like to say size doesn't matter, it still does a bit in my head! So I totally understand where you are coming from! Stupid Levi's! Just keep going forward you will get there girl! Lol I NEVER thought I'd fit into a size 6 in my life (never have before!). So you can do this!
    3117 days ago
  • SYZYGY922
    I feel your pain. I wish clothing companies would get it together. Old Navy is terrible for inconsistent sizing. I tried on some of the Rock Star Jeggings and it was a truly depressing experience.
    3117 days ago
    I like Levi's but that's not cool at all! If I had any intention of buying new jeans, I'd boycott them. But I have so many size 13s that I can't fit into, that I'm working on fitting into, that there's no need to buy any more. Don't let it get you down though. Go out and find you a pair of 16s to fit into!! That will make you feel marvelous! emoticon emoticon
    3117 days ago
    1st of all, yay on the size 18!!! I can't wait until I'm there one day (although still far, far away). But I know what you mean about the clothing size and it really takes a hit on the ego - those stinking manufacturers are messing with our head emoticon

    But, really, when you've had multiple things in size 18 fit - then know that is where you're at. Is it possible that's why the jeans were so cheap? Frustrating nonetheless. When you're down to a size 14 and can wear those, then rip the tag out emoticon

    Good job on all of your hard work!
    3117 days ago
    I totally understand your rant. My husband can buy any brand of pants and be assured that a 36 in one size will fit the same as a 36 in another. I don't know why women's clothing manufacturers feel the need to have their sizes all over the place.

    Congratulations on your loss and making it to size 18. Keep up the good work!
    3117 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    Girl, you can't let that stuff bother you. You've worked hard for your 18 and if the dang things don't fit, KEEP ON STEPPIN'. Find something else that does! There are SO many different fits out there that it's exhausting to even try to fit every company's ideas of it.

    I do understand your frustration though, drives me batty it does.
    3117 days ago
  • CRYSTAL8488
    Stupid Levi company!! Don't let that number get you still fit in 18's and you should still be able to be happy about it!! If it makes you feel better, mark out the number 18 with a sharpie, write 14. :)
    3117 days ago
    Funny! And I feel your pain. I know I am like 2 sizes larger in many brands than others. Of course I prefer to buy the latter.
    3117 days ago
    ha ha, this is the only way I can get decent clothing at resale shops, stuff that is way off the mark compared to other size charts.
    3117 days ago
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