Victim of a McDonald's coupon

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm a coupon junkie. I can't resist a coupon offer, and I can't turn one down. It's sometimes dangerous to have them around, especially if they are fast food coupons, because try as I might to ignore them, I may very well use one. I used my McDonald's coupon yesterday because it offered FREE medium French Fries with the purchase of a premium chicken sandwich. Sucker!! When are FREE fries a bargain for me? answer: NEVER!
On the way to the drive-through I practiced asking for utensils so I could eat just the chicken and throw away the roll for the ever present sea gulls that hang out at all fast food places on Long Island. I never even got as far as thinking about leaving half the fries in the bag, when suddenly I was at the drive-up window. The one and only good thing I did was ask for grilled chicken instead of crispy fried. The girl at the window finally got it and said "Yes" to that request, but then she overcharged me for the $1.00 coffee, so we had to get that straightened out before I drove forward. I need to confess that I finished every last bite of my order, including the coffee after it cooled down a bit. Yes, I did enjoy it, and came home and tracked it on my WW points tracker,and squeaked through the day under the max points level. But it was the second time in just a FEW DAYS that I ate McDonald's fries. What is going on with me? Yes. I'm going through some Emo stuff right now, and I guess it's better than eating a bag of cookies, but I've really got to watch it! At my next stop to buy the paper, I tried to buy ice cream but they didn't have the lower sugar kind to justify my purchase, so I redeemed myself by saying"No thanks," and went home. That was all in the hour after I left church yesterday, and THANK GOD, I went home to my "safe house" where there isn't any of the stuff I crave when my train is off the track! Confession complete. I'm back to normal again and God has comforted my Emo stuff so I can eat healthy again! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    loved your blog..... confession is good for the soul.... and like "tortilla flats" -- coupons are great for lighting fires! haha! YOU CAN DO IT!
    2987 days ago
    I am thankful that Mickey D's foods no longer appeal to this gal. It was their lying to the public about using healthier oils that turned me from desiring to hand over our hard earned money to them. I can not abide being lied to - no matter who does the lying!

    I do occasionally enjoy a Senior coffee from McDonald's when on trips. They used to charge a quarter with free refills & now are up to fifty-cents per cup. That dollar a cup was too much for my thinking. You might want to specify a Senior coffee & see what they charge.

    God bless!


    2999 days ago
    Forgive yourself and move on. We all have days like that... my DH is a coupon junkie too, but his favourites are for A & W. We usually get a teen burger each once a week (but no fries or onion rings), and enjoy every bite. You're doing great, and you're aware of your slip-up this week, so I don't think it will happen again soon.
    3013 days ago
    Patty, you have confessed and you are forgiven. Now just forgive yourself. I am a coupon cutter, but not for the fast foods. Although they sit like the devil and offer me my favorite, a sausage bisquit with egg and cheese. No, No---on the other hand, if they offered that parfait, I'd be right there. I do enjoy those. But I do enjoy cutting coupons, but not the ones where you have to buy 2. If it's a new product, why would you want to buy two without trying it first. Okay, I'm calm again. Now throw away all those fast food coupons, Patty and stay in your "safe house":) (hugs)
    3016 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2332407
    I have finally just quit going to McDonals, now it's not that hard for me, but I had a hard time breaking the bad habit. Your can do it. Just take it One Day at a Time.
    3017 days ago
    I am a total sucker for coupons. If it says buy one Big Mac, get one free, I eat them both. So no more coupons for me. I have to be very careful about opening the mail. Who knows what might be lurking in there to trap me. Good luck with getting back on track. Like several others have said, once we eat it, we crave it. But you TRACKED it. Good for you. emoticon
    3017 days ago
    no no, not me, using my coupons to light my fireplace, lol. Been there, done that. And it is not fun fessing up! Yoou did good!

    Hugs, Gail emoticon
    3017 days ago
  • SANDYW1945
    Patty, You at least counted what you ate. Today is another day, so back on track for you my friend. Once in a great while will not destroy our game plan. emoticon
    3017 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Patty, I'm not a coupon saver anymore as they never really save money at the fast food or grocery store. At the market all the coupon items are more expensive than the store brands and just as good usually. You've learned a hard but important lesson. To be honest, occasionally I do go to Carl's Jr as my sons don't like McDonalds very much/ CJ will usually have 2 for 1 deals that sometimes I will get with a coupon. I've given up junk food as 90% of it is unhealthy and super high in calories and salt. It's even become a rare treat for my sons now. I'm glad to hear you managed to stay withing your calorie range as when I used to eat FF it blew my good intentions and calories/salt right "out of the water". . Take Care.


    3017 days ago

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  • no profile photo CD10429908
    3017 days ago
    Patty, I hear you loud and clear! I try to get rid of coupons by throwing them away and not using, but my DH wants to use each and every one. The bright side of it all is that you didn't use it as an excuse to continue down that road! You owned up to it all and did your WW tracking and went home to your safe house! That's awesome. Like several others said, once I eat it, I want more each time I'm anywhere near. Such a struggle at times, but I think we're making progress! I know you are!!! Keep up the good work! Love, Jeannie
    3017 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12756725
    Glad you stayed in your point limits!
    Good for you Patty! emoticon emoticon
    On to better days! God bless you! emoticon
    3017 days ago
    Confession is good for the soul! emoticon
    3017 days ago
    Been there done that ! emoticon It's tough out there in the fast food world ! emoticon dh and i went into mcdonalds and i was going to get a fruit parfait and him a hot fudge sundae ! emoticon I said 2 HOT FUDGE SUNDAES ! emoticon I knew i had enough calories for it but the fruit parfait is 1/2 the calories and healthier ! I am doing the computer tho and eating frozen grapes ! emoticon emoticon I am actually looking forward to them daily now ! emoticon Have a good week and you had a great blog ! emoticon
    3017 days ago
    And the worst part - for me is that once I've had the fast food grease...I want it everytime we pass by! I guess I've weened myself from it and then we use a coupon, or take the Grandsons and I'm hooked!! And, it does taste good...who doesn't like grease and salt?! But then it's like on my mind again. emoticon
    3018 days ago
    And this is why I never use food coupons. They are never for the things I should eat.
    3018 days ago
    "Safe House"--I love it and how fitting! I think once we stray a tiny bit from what we should be doing, we are hooked again. Just like any other kind of addict. Except with our addiction we are enabled everywhere--free coupons, advertising, Golden Arches on almost every major highway, gas stations now sell all sorts of things along with gasoline. We are enabled along every stretch of the way unlike with other addictions.
    Good for you for getting to your safe house!
    3018 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    3018 days ago
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