Reached a goal!

Monday, August 20, 2012

It finally happened. I surpassed my goal of reaching 4,320 fitness minutes in 8 months!!!
My life has completely changed...
I want to paint a picture for you of my life prior to sparkpeople. In 2006 I went away to college where lack or exercise and poor eating habits quickly took a toll on my weight. I went from the lowest weight I ever was, 175, to the highest weight I ever was,195, in 2 years. When I met my husband in 2008 I was on a journey to lose the 20 or so pounds I gained when I first began college. I got all the way down to 180 then I met my future husband and in the 2 years we were dating I gained all that back. Then in 2010 after we got married, I managed to gain 30 pounds in a year! I had reached my highest weight, 220 pounds in January of 2012. During that year, I set not limits for myself. I ate as much as I wanted and drank often. It got to the point where I rarely left the couch or the bed. I began to feel so empty and lost all confidence. This began to put a strain on my new marriage ( I want to clarify that my husband wasn't upset with me about my weight gain or anything like that. The strain on our relationship was caused by me not being happy with who I was and blaming him for it). I remember enjoying the feeling of stuffing myself with food because it made me feel emotionally full. Then I remember my moments full of regret when I couldn't button my pants or would be horrified when I saw pictures of myself. During this time I checked out of life completely. Then my grandmother passed away suddenly. She was a person who loved life and truly lived it to the fullest. She inspired me to start living my life again. Thats when I found sparkpeople and began one of the greatest journeys of my life.

Here is a picture of my life now...
I am a regular exerciser. I have a gym membership that I actually use. I go to the beach on a regular basis. I can jog a mile and not stop. I can walk from the car to the beach with out getting winded and needing a break. I get urges and craving for exercise or activity in general. People ask me for exercise advice. I go out and do non food related activities. I had a personal trainer complement me on my work ethic and my ability to push myself. I let people take pictures of me. Once I even let someone take a picture of me in my bathing suit! I never say no to a new adventure. I've even lost 20 pounds which isn't a lot but I am slowly making progress. My husband and I are at an amazing place in our relationship filled with love and support for one another. But the most important thing I am doing is I AM LIVING!

I can not thank my SP family enough. You guys have been there for me when I wanted to give up. You guys have always given me this amazing support and positive energy. Thank you for everything!!!

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