Never let a man....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

...fix your bike if you want to ride it any time soon:). Well, really it has only been since Monday so am being a bit harsh, but I was all into getting back into riding to work after getting over last weeks back problem.

After some 'how'd you pick up that thing' and 'are you blind' guffaws, he went out (with his brother which doubled everything) to get a new tire to replace the old one which I blew riding over a gigantic nail. They met a guy they new at the bike shop and together they decided on a fix. Came home and the fix (a new tube) was too big. Try number two resulted in a tube that was too big!! Try no. 3 resulted in the right tube, but of course it was dark by then and I wasn't going to just ride to work this morning in case it wasn't fixed correctly.

I have to give them big kudos for pitching in and helping me (my pleas to just give it to the bike guy to fix went unheard however and that must be said). My enthusiasm has not waned yet and am hoping to get back in the proverbial saddle tomorrow:).

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