scared to eat after years of being told to stop eating!!!!arrggghhh

Friday, September 07, 2012

ok, so this is a thread i posted and im just taking this to everyone. if you can help me with some suggestions i would greatly appreciate this. while to some it may sound stupid to have the problem of not being able to eat enough, i struggle with it everyday. i workout hard and love my body getting stronger. its the eating part thats got me befuddled. so heres the thread,plz feel free to chime in and help out.
thanks everyone!

i know i have to eat more.....and calorie cycling might be something i try. i mean i do it with my exersize routines, some days working hard others a liter workout.
i know that if you essentially starve yourself then your body will hang on to every calorie you put in your mouth.....what is the minimal amount of calories i can consume and still lose weight? i know thats based on each persons wt/activity level and so on. i dont know. i kinda know the answer but im just struggling with for so long restricting my calories to now suddenly im supposed to be eating roughly 2000 calories/day. i cant wrap my head around it. today i tried to incorporate more calories, my friend suggested more protein rich foods based on my level and intensity of i had more..still only got 1100 calories into me and i worked out.

is anyone else struggling with not being able to eat enough calories and having it halt your wieghtloss and what did you do to get past this...when youve been fat and unfit for ....ever....then told you have to eat more...its a mind bender. and its not a matter of just eat more, thats about as thoughtless as telling an overweight person...just eat really really struggling with this. i love how strong my body is. man i can workout long andhard...but i need to figure out my calorie consumption battle...ive decided not to go on the scales for a bit..ill keep tabs on my measurements and how my clothes are fitting....
all i ask is that you not judge me, or anyone thats struggling with this....its really a battle to wanna get healthy and eat healthy when a lifetime of bad habits have taken thier tol
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    Hi Shellie(I have an Aunt Shelly :)), I have had to wrap my head around that one too & it's not easy. I'm small so it was only a matter of going from 1200-1300 to 1400's, but I feel less like binging & I think I am finally starting to lose weight. Glad you are enjoying the workouts & feeling strong, I can't work out as hard as I'd like to but that's my problem. Anyway, I think if you really try to find ways to add some healthy calorie rich foods, natural pb&j, walnuts & rainins, try to go as natural as you can so you keep fiber in your diet but definitely try to keep it somewhat balanced. IT'S HARD! But, since you're here you have many tools at your disposal to help you achieve this. My suggestions were just a for instance, may not be your particular taste but it's a matter of finding things that are. I think we all like food here :) it's just a matter of liking healthier food. Also,as LJDREW says, nothing wrong with taking small steps, it may be too much for you to go from 1100 to 2000 calories so maybe a weekly goal of an additional 200 calories would be more doable for you? I know this stuff is quite overwhelming but you're in the right place, this about losing weight in a healthy way & most important, keeping it off! You lost 80lbs, you look wonderful & most important, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Day at a time for all of us, Liz
    3058 days ago
    I struggle with the same thing and I hear this over and over. Part of it really is getting our head around it. Food is bad, right? That is what we are taught and often what we learn. I think my relationship with food has been the hardest thing for me to change.

    Also it is hard because it takes some planning. I assume it will get easier at some point in the future but along with that food is bad thinking is the desire not to think about eating. That must be bad too. So planning meals and shopping and setting aside time to eat are all new things for me. And it sounds like for you too.

    Hang in there, keep trying and you'll slowly change those habits! emoticon
    3058 days ago
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