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Friday, September 14, 2012

I've been pretty scarce for the last month or so, but all is well. In a nutshell, 3 weeks ago was a very rough week, 2 weeks ago was hectic, last week was blissful, and this week I've been catching up and getting back to normal.

The best news: my last check up, on Monday, went great and the anatomy scan went perfect. Both babies have all their parts, except for maybe Blueberry's right hand - she refused to move it from behind her head, so the sono tech couldn't count her fingers. The tech tapped on my belly to make her move and Blueberry kicked her legs but resolutely kept that hand tucked behind her head. Yeah, she's stubborn like Mommy, lol, and likes to sleep just like Daddy. DH and I are already kicking around names and we think we might name Blueberry after a very dear, departed family member who was known for her independence, sense of humor, and lust for life. We're aware that we may be asking for karmic trouble but I think we're going to risk it!

Yes, I said "her"! Both babies are girls! And no, we're not sharing the names until the babies are born. We reserve the right to change our minds! DH started talking about having a matching set of twin boys, preferably close in age to the girls, over lunch immediately after our appointment. I looked at him like he'd completely lost his mind, sighed, shook my head, and refused to respond. This is what I call a self-correcting problem: he will change his mind after he knows how much it takes to look after one set of twins! He also thinks we can move to a bigger house once the twins are about six months old...another self-correcting problem. I've always said my husband was wonderful, not sane, lol.

Three weeks ago I had the week from hell. Sunday night I barely slept and woke up with back pain and bad acid reflux. This lasted until Tuesday night and Wednesday I woke up with a mini-migraine, complete with light and sound sensitivity. Add in two doctor's appointments and I had to took a bunch of time off - time I don't have and wouldn't be willing to spend, anyway, because every day I'm away from work now is a day less I have to spend with my babies later. So I worked late all week to make up the time and planned to make up the balance on Saturday.

Notice I said "planned." A car incident Friday night short-circuited the plan. I am fine and both babies are fine! The airbags didn't deploy and the seatbelt didn't grab me, so I didn't even go to the hospital. At that point I didn't feel the babies move every day but come Monday I felt them strongly so I wasn't worried. The sonogram this past Monday confirmed my instincts.

So what happened? In short, a spare wheel flew off the back of a truck while we were traveling at 50 miles an hour on the interstate. Not a tire - an entire wheel. Thank goodness I've had extensive driving training and knew what to do: swerve to get the tire under my car, where it can do the least amount of damage. The truck - a big one used by construction and landscaping companies - didn't even stop or pull over. But I had to: I immediately saw smoke and smelled burned rubber.

To make things even better, my cell phone was almost out of battery and DH was on a business trip to the west coast. So I called him, told him what had happened, and asked him to call AAA (thank goodness we're members!). He told me where he'd squirreled away the charger for my iPhone - not in a place where I ever would have found it myself, lol. So I called AAA and then the insurance company. The AAA dispatcher was a sweet Southern woman. She asked me if I'd inspected the damage myself and I said no, I'm on the shoulder of the Interstate, cars are whipping past at 50 miles an hour, and I'm 5 months pregnant so I'm not comfortable getting out of the car. Bless her heart, she said, "Oh honey, don't worry about it! I'll put you at the top of the queue and tell the tow truck driver you're pregnant!" And she did - he was there in 20 minutes (!!!!!!) and stood between me and the traffic so I could get out and climb into his truck.

While waiting for the tow truck I called a local friend and asked if she or her hubby could rescue me. She said certainly - even though she has a baby of her own, her husband had just walked in the door, and she was putting dinner on the table. I held it together and calmly and efficiently dealt with AAA, the tow truck driver, the dealership we took my car to, and the insurance company. But I almost broke down when my friend showed up with leftovers from her dinner, utensils, cookies, and a gift of yarn she'd bought for me while visiting her brother in Oregon. She stayed with me until she was sure I was both calm and well, then went home to her own family around 9. I am so truly blessed to have friends like that!!!!

The next week was much better but hectic because DH was on his aforementioned business trip. Not only did I have to keep after the house and feed myself but prepare to fly to Seattle for our babymoon. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you don't have another choice - a valuable lesson for parenthood!

That Thursday I flew out to Seattle and DH flew from San Francisco and joined me in our hotel room. Friday morning we sailed to Alaska on a 7 night cruise! The trip was absolutely amazing. I'll post a separate blog, complete with pictures, this weekend. I'll also post new pictures of me - I've gotten a lot bigger - and sonos of the babies. This week I've been busy with all the usual post-trip stuff but feeling really well. The second trimester is finally turning out to be what it's cracked up to be!

I hope you're all doing well! Stop by and let me know!
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    I am so glad that you and those precious girls are OK! The cruise sounds wonderful and i loved hearing about what's going on with you!!! I started a new job and can't get on Spark during work, so that's why I've been scarce. Love ya!
    3133 days ago
    What a tremendously suspenseful update, Jenn -- yikes! Thank goodness your best news -- the health of both wee girls -- came near the top. Yes, you are kind and merciful to your fans.
    When I think of what might have happened when that wheel broke off the truck, it's hard to breathe -- your skills and any attendant guardian angels certainly worked wonders.

    It is beyond admirable how you handled every step of the crisis situation, and, as you rightly observe, all of that proves you're ready for the challenges ahead. Got such a kick out of your spouse's enthusiastic dreams of twin boys asap to balance the family books -- yes, he will come to appreciate a big breather before that step! Waiting eagerly for the cruise tales and photos -- blessings of the brightest sort to all four of you. Love you, Girl!

    3141 days ago
    Oh my, hectic for sure!! So very glad you weren't hurt, and bless AAA and all involved in your rescue, especially the friend! So glad you are feeling well and had an awesome time in Alaska! I'm jealous too, but will look forward to your pictures!

    Stay rested and try not to have any more hectic weeks if you can! emoticon
    3142 days ago
    sounds like a crazy time. Glad it slowed down for you.

    Enjoy Alaska.. we lived there for two years and it was incredible.
    3142 days ago
    OMG - so sorry to hear about the accident. But glad you and the babies are ok. And that your vacation was AFTER that so that you could calm down and relax about it. Alaska - you're the third friend in a month who's gone to Alaska. I'm totally jealous. Can't wait for the pics though!
    3142 days ago
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