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12 Week Challenge

Monday, September 17, 2012

So...twelve weeks. Hmmmm.

This challenge to create a success plan for BLC20 made me realize that I don't actually have a plan. I have a goal, yes, or a desire. I want to reach close to my comfortable/correct weight and strengthen and tone my body. And, I have a vague idea that joining the challenge is going to help me get there. Oh dear, none of that really sounds like a plan for success!

Questions like "how can you fit in the minutes" and "how will you be sure to have quality food options" make it clear that while I'm on this journey with other BLC20ers, it is up to me to make the daily decisions that lead to success. Can I do that? I haven't had a good track record for the last few years.

Looking back on past successes, I can think of a couple of things. When I followed the Suzanne Somers low carb food plan, I lost 25 pounds. It was pretty extreme but not as bad as Atkins (at least that's what I hear). The weight stayed off for a few years but each year I gained back a little more and now I weigh more than I did before the program. I think it worked because it was easy to just eat tons of meat and cheese, I could easily grab cheese sticks and pepperoni out of the fridge when hungry. There is no limit to how much you eat and you don't count calories. So the key here was probably the convenience factor. It was easy to accomplish once I understood the few rules. One thing I didn't like was that I felt I was always focused on food. I don't want to spend the rest of my life obsessed about what I'm eating, what I'm going to eat, what I ate. Is it unreasonable to think I will ever get there? And what a sad commentary when there are so many in the world who would just be thankful to have something to eat, much less obsess about it.

Another success that I am proud of was my plan for not gaining weight through Christmas last year. I gave myself the month off from freaking out about food. Normally I start at Halloween, eating the many treats that are around home and the office. Then by Thanksgiving, more treats and great family traditional the time December starts I am usually eating whatever, whenever AND feeling really down about it. To keep myself off that unhappy path last year, I made myself blog every day and I had to blog only positive stuff about my healthful decisions and fitness activities for the day. By the way, I hate blogging. :-) But I think I did great, I did not gain weight over the holidays for the first time in years and years. And I didn't have that discouraged feeling about myself throughout the happiest time of year. It actually encouraged me to make great decisions so I would have something to blog about. It also helped me see that my first thoughts were always about what I had done wrong for the day and I had to re-train my brain to focus on good things I had done instead.

Whew! All that just to say the following TA-DA! My plan...

Weeks 2-12

At least one post a day to Chat Thread with positive, healthy choices I made for the day
Plan meals/snacks in advance for the week
Use the nutrition tracker

Weeks 2-6

Calorie range not as important as just tracking food
200 sit up challenge
20-30 mins per day of healthful moving (15 min minimum)

Weeks 7-12

Stay in calorie range 4 out of 7 days
100 push up challenge
20-30 mins per day of healthful moving (15 min minimum)


No night time snacking for 1 week = Starbucks!

Meeting 6 week fitness goal = day off by myself shopping, maybe for clothes that actually fit

Meeting 12 week fitness goal = day off by myself Christmas window shopping

Not sure if this is what the admins had in mind when they say post a challenge plan blog. I didn't read any others before posting this because I am easily swayed and figured I better do my own plan instead of being convinced something else would work for me.

Best of luck to all Prism Panthers in meeting their challenge goals!
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