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is this a mistake, with pics

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I had a most eventful and unpleasant Friday night. Last night my friend and me, and our dates went to a bar, and my only reason for going was to hear my friend do an acoustic set and sing....I knew when we ordered deep fried greasy junky lard grease food that I had made a bad mistake...... And I am beginning to wonder if my best friend, who I love and whom I know loves me too, is unintentionally trying to sabatoge me.
I dont want to go into the long details, but I will blog a little more about it tomorrow.
But it just involves her insistance that I drink and not just a couple, but alot.
And other issues surrounding her strange behavior lately. I know in my heart that she wants to see me succeed, shes come walking with me, given me shoe inserts when my foot hurt, she always tells me how good I am doing, but the last few weeks, shes been calling me up early to ask me for coffee and breakfast, and this weekend it was just push push push beer on me, and when I finally reached my limit, she told me I dragged her to the bar, and she said she hated the guy we went to hear sing, she thinks hes ugly and a bad singer.
She then began to follow me into the ladies room and ask me whats wrong, whats wrong, well when you are ready to tell me you will.
I dont know what it is I am supposed to tell her, other than, I need to not eat gross cheese sticks and ranch dressing and drink 9 beers....I just cant go back to that.... I love her, shes my oldest and dearest friends, but I think I need a few weeks to just distance myself from whatever her problem is, and whatever problem she thinks I am hiding or I am holding out telling her.....
But, I am wondering if I made a mistake today...I had helix piercings in both ears, in the upper cartildge area and so someone told me I should have only done one side, or at least one at a time...due to soreness and maybe not being able to sleep on them.
But the tattoo shop I went to was doing a special, 10 dollars on any, I figured do both now, I had planned on it anyway, and why not save 15 or 20 bucks....I guess I will find out tonight, in a minute cause I am off to bed.
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    It sounds like your friend is concerned about losing you to the new lifestyle. I agree with OBIESMOM in that it is solely your choice to eat or drink too much, whether or not your friend is pushing you. Eat before you go or get something light, nurse the few drinks you allow yourself (I find that I have to abstain totally in order not to drink too much). At first it will seem strange to be ordering something different, maybe it will even feel like you're losing out on fun, but you are adding to your enjoyment by making these changes.
    Good luck, Val. I can totally relate, and when your friends don't seem that supportive it usually has to do with their own feelings.
    p.s. love the piercings!
    2954 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3431501
    I like the piercing too bad she's not saying hey we will go out but not go overboard cause its about time togeather not getting fat. I say find non food things to do with her because her pushing food or drinks on you is just not healthy who needs that drama. Keep doing your best eventually you'll get positive reinforcement and encouragement from others who see your not just talking but doing it for you. She is still stuck and miserable you on the other hand are off the fence and are doing something about it don't let her suck you into her situation you want friends who are happy encouraging inspiring modivated and who honnestly care about you and what's going on in your life.
    2954 days ago
    your new healthy habits haven't kicked in for your friends (and may never). They are still living the 'old' way. But that doesn't mean YOU have to. It isn't easy, but YOU are solely in charge of YOU. When old friends try to get you to do those things, politely (but firmly) refuse. If you are hungry, order a healthy appetizer.

    when she tells you that you drag her down, just say "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I have to continue forward on my journey. I can't go back." If she really cares about you, she'll understand.

    it may be that seeing you on a healthy path makes her feel bad about herself and her own weaknesses.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2954 days ago
  • RG_DFW
    Your friend hasn't made a lifestyle change and sounds like she's still operating in the old ways. It may not be intentional, it could just be her old habits. Be strong, she'll eventually come around.
    2954 days ago
    Wow sounds like your friend is up to something. I'll be anxious to read more about it when u blog more today. I think that was what u said, right? As of this blog, it sounds to me like she MAY be trying to sabatoge u. Is she too trying to lose weight? Are u doing better than her? Are their boyfriends involved? Jealousy? Women can be catty...She is your dearest friend u said so could she be a little jealous with your success. I cant see why else she would "peer pressure" u into drinking 9 (9?!) beers!? That's crazy if you're trying to lose. She obviously knows the journey you're on why else would she do that? And fried cheese sticks? Come on..somethings up...Just my opinion. Just a theory, but, maybe she feels like if u "succeed" on your journey, u will forget about her and start a new life without her? IDK, just a thought. Maybe she's feeling insecure and her only "happiness" is to bring u down to her level? Ok, let me stop....see what your blog did...LOL...U got me making all types of assumptions on this girl!, i'm just sayin it sounds odd...but u know her best. U better keep me updated cuz now I'm curious about what is up!!

    Courtney emoticon
    2954 days ago
    Oh wow that looks cool....let us know if you had trouble sleeping,
    I have been wanting to do that for awhile.
    2954 days ago
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