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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Happy Beautiful Wednesday Morning my Friends!
You got it, Wednesday Morning means

Let's do This Thing.

First, a review and examination of this past week:

Keep track of my nutrition on SparkPeople

I used my phone app a few times. For the most part I stuck with entering everything in on the computer. I tried to enter more during the day instead of at night when my family is home. I did fall victim to entering in some information at night because I had new recipes to enter.
I tracked four out of the seven days, which is up significantly from weeks before. What was most interesting was that even though I thought I was "doing well" not tracking, my first two days of tracking showed I was over many of my goals. I think some of that was contributed to my increased baking of apple cookies, apple muffins, and other apple goodies after we went apple picking and brought home WAY more apples than any family needs.

This past week, instead of more apple muffins, I made "Baked Apples". Basically, just apples baked in water with some melted butter, brown sugar, and apple pie spices. Once they were finished, I cut them into serving sizes to help make sure I would keep track of how much I was consuming. Self-Discovery: Pre-cutting serving sizes is a HUGE help to not over-indulging.

This past week resulted in two new favorite recipes. The first and favoritist is "Asian inspired Vegetable Barley Soup." Ingredients included: Package of Frozen Stir Fry Vegetables, half a package of Frozen Broccoli, half a package of tofu seared in sesame oil, 1 cup dried barley, 5 small peeled red potatoes, 4 cups of no sodium added vegetable cooking stock, lower sodium soy sauce, bay leaves, and water. I think that is everything that went in it. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Second, Peanut Butter Apple Oatmeal. Apple, peanut butter, honey, and oatmeal. Delicious breakfast even my son liked! (He does not like Oatmeal, however, eats it frequently as we have it for breakfast at least 3 to 4 days a week. So finding Oatmeal versions he likes, such as banana nut oatmeal, pumpkin pie oatmeal, and now this one, has really helped him to enjoy his breakfast!)

Complete my Power90 workouts.

My husband has committed to completing Power90 with me. Which has been a HUGE motivational and support booster for me to get back in my "fitness" game.
Last week, we did our workouts Wednesday and Thursday. Then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we did nothing. Friday we had every intention to, however, the day totally ran away from me in a good way. I went grocery shopping with a friend, and while that may sound trivial and like a chore, it turned into all day fun for us! My "time expectations" are not always the best, so originally I thought the grocery trip would only take a few hours. It literally took all day, which I'm not really complaining about, because again, I had a BLAST! That evening, we had a "Pumpkin Carving/Nerf War" party to go to at my son's best friend's house.

When I got home, even though the husband was willing and ready to workout with me, the reality is I had a limited amount of time to work with. So, instead of stressing myself out and feeling anxiety, I took a deep breath and reflected on what I've been studying with my "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" lesson. Instead of stressing about this one workout, I felt after a quick prayer for peace, that it was the best thing to simply accept I would not be doing it that day. I'm glad, because I had a wonderful time of fellowship at the party and got to know another woman from church a little better, which was fantastic! I also got to talk to an experienced knitter, (KNITTING ROCKS), and had a great discussion about knitting overall! It was a blast, and I'm so glad I didn't let my "high expectations" send me into a panic. The old me would have totally drove right off that cliff in a blaze of thunder. The "being available for His transforming grace" me, is slowly learning about "peace".

Saturday we took a full day of rest. My husband needed it. I think in a lot of ways I needed. It was just a total down/family day. It was great. Sunday is my official "Power90" rest day, so we didn't do the video then.

Monday and Tuesday, we ROCKED IT OUT. Tuesday I realized I have totally lapsed a bit in my cardio department. I had gotten to a point that I was keeping up on everything with the video. Tuesday, I had to scale it back just a smidge. Mostly because breathing is somewhat important to the whole staying alive process, and trust me, there was a moment or two of desperately gasping for breath with aching lungs while thinking WHY AM I TORTURING MYSELF thoughts. Hubs totally felt it too. Yet, we did it.

Then I went on to the Ab Ripper. Ab Ripper just sounds painful. Because. It is. Last night when I went to bed, I could feel it all across my abs. I was like..woah. Intense. Score. The score is because I am feeling stronger. YEA!!!!!! WE TOTALLY GOT THIS!!!!!

Go to Bed at 9:30pm.

Ish. First of all, SparkPeople tracks my nutrition and my fitness, so it's easy to take a look at it and know where I am. It does not track if I'm going to bed at 9:30 or not. Since I have a hard time remembering where I park my car at Wal-Mart, I have no idea if I was consistent with this or not.

What I do know, is that I had trouble sleeping again this weekend. I think some part of me has this belief that Friday means I must stay up until after midnight in order to prove my youth. That going to bed early on a weekend, and getting up early on the weekend, makes me old. While I have never been a morning person, I must confess, the more I do it, the more I find I am enjoying it. Really enjoying it. So maybe, the realty is, "30" is creeping slowly towards me and somewhere deep down I am panicking about this? I don't know. Just some of my rambling musings.

Finally, Sunday, I took a unisom to make sure I got back into some semblance of routine for the new week. So far, I've been waking up at 5:30am each morning since then. (Not always physically getting out of bed, however, waking up. Maybe snoozing a bit. I still say it counts.) I also have taken some melatonin as well to help with the sleep issue too.

In addition to these things, at night, when the rambling spiderwebs begin to build thoughts that want to worry over everything from someone dying, to pains from my past, to the imagination just running wild in a sad and scary way, I have been forcing myself to cut the webs with prayer. Some nights have taken longer than others, however, I find myself praying even something as simple as "Lord, I want to cast my cares on you tonight. I want to cast my worry on you. I know logically that worrying about the house catching on fire and killing us all in our sleep is most unlikely to happen. Lord, I ask you take that thought from me, and fill me instead with your peace. I give it to you now, and instead, make that part of myself available to receive your grace." He is truly amazing, because He is taking these anxiety filled thoughts, one by one, and in their place, giving me peace. Which means overall, I'm sleeping better. Waking up less in the middle of the night, having fewer nightmares. It's helping.

I have also taken a few other steps to my "before bed" routine. My husband and I like certain shows, such as NCIS and Bones. Most of the time, I can watch these without any problems whatsoever. Sometimes, I can't. So one night this week, we read the description of the Bones episode before watching it. Based on the description, we both knew the subject matter would be difficult. So, we skipped it and went to the next one. Something as simple as that can make a huge difference. I also have spent a few night kitting right before bed, as I find it calming and relaxing. The other rule I enforced, no talking about politics one to two hours before bedtime. I know that I NEED to know what's going on. I know that it's important to be aware of political things. However, I also know that some of it gets me riled up, some of it scares me, and some of it just out right makes me want to go slap people. (Lord, forgive me.) I know this about myself. So, removing it from my before bed routine, means that it's not on my mind as I'm laying down. Every moment of taking "action" helps.

OK Friends, Let's Now Take a Look at This Week's Numbers:
(excuse the unpainted toenails, yikes! Totally fixing that later today)

Last Week’s Weight: 135.2 LBS
This Week’s Weight: 133.8 LBS
Difference: -1.4 LBS
Total Since Weight Loss Journey Began: -16.2 LBS

****oh happy happy dance with non freshly painted toenails****

Time to Re-Commit and Look to the Week Ahead

First of all - again - I am keeping all my goals the same. I feel to change goals without accomplishing the ones I've set, is not truly being accountable to my process here.

Keep track of my nutrition on SparkPeople

Keep doing what I'm doing and be consistent. In the week ahead, I must remember to take my vitamin with iron in it daily. I have no idea who in this vast wide world gets the recommended daily amount of iron, however, it seems no matter how hard I try, my diet just never does it. I'll see what I can research on this in the upcoming week. Also, keep an eye on my fats. I know a lot of it comes from the healthy fats such as olive oil, however, some of it has come from the not-so-healthy. That will be my "nutritional" focus this upcoming week.

I went in and updated my husband's SparkPeople for him. They have an AWESOME nutritional tracker for someone with diabetes, such as my husband who is type II. I think I will periodically update/review his, to make sure that the lunches/snacks I pack for him each day are going to be good for his overall health needs. I think I may even print out the recommendations for his snacks/meals so that way I can be aware of where he is at on carbs, which really impact his sugars.

Complete my Power90 workouts.

This morning, my husband and I made the commitment to get up and do the workout EARLY as we knew we would not have time this afternoon before church dinner. It was fantastic! I truly do enjoy having the workout partner. I also enjoy that every day we work out, it makes us more aware of what else we are doing with our bodies. Such as sleeping/eating. Putting that effort into exercise seems to spill over into putting that effort into other things. Example: the days that I did not track my nutrition last week seemed to fall on the same days I did not do any exercise. Interesting.

I will continue to be aware of schedules this upcoming week to plan our workout time REALISTICALLY. Exercise is also important for my husband's sugars, so it really is something that is good for our health. I need to be understanding of his schedule however, so that way he can continue to enjoy the workouts with me, instead of feeling burdened by them.
I will continue to push myself on the cardio. I want to continue to progress back to the level where I was. I will listen to my body and not push myself to the point of injury, however, I must push in order to progress. I need to be aware of when I simply "can't" versus "don't want to". The Power90 cardio is hard because it's very repetitive. It can become boring. Maybe the hubs and I can try doing the cardio with some Skillet playing in the background?

Go to Bed at 9:30pm

This weekend is Men's breakfast on Saturday. Meaning my boys will be leaving the house at 7am(ish). Meaning that I cannot stay up until midnight on Friday night because then the hubs will stay up with me meaning that he won't get enough sleep meaning that he won't enjoy his time of fellowship with the group of men as much as he would if he got decent sleep. Oy vey. I don't want to be responsible for robbing him of that blessing!

Sleep is a gift. We are creatures who are DEPENDENT. Sleep is proof of that. We must have sleep. We literally cannot survive without sleep. It can be looked at as a humbling example of our dependency on the Creator, who gives us the gift of sleep. A designated time where we can lay down, close our eyes, and allow our bodies physical restorative rest. I need to humble myself by admitting I need sleep, and make myself available to accept the gift of sleep.
This week, in a notebook, or something, I'm going to track my bedtimes. This way, I can hold myself accountable to my sleep, which is important to this overall health journey as it's an area I've always often struggled in as well.

I am excited about my progress this week. I'm SO CLOSE to switching over to the "maintenance phase". I'd LOVE to be there before the hoilday's hit full swing because I already know for this food addict, the holidays are going to be challenging. I don't want to find myself losing all the ground I've gained these last six months. I've already decided that even when I do switch over to maintenance phase, I'm still going to participate in Weigh-In-Wednesday. Because I find it helps with my accountability. It helps my focus to be where it should be. It's another form of fellowship that has grown dear to my heart, and honestly, as silly as this may sound, I wake up on Wednesday morning excited to read about my dear friend's week and where she is at, excited to see if anyone else is participating, and excited to leave some encouragement for her and anyone else because I know what it means to me.

Oh yes, who knew that one day, stepping on the scale would become an EXCITING thing to do! And then that this journey of health would trickle over to include my husband as my WORKOUT PARTNER!

Wow. In this I can see the blessings, the grace, the blessings, and MORE GRACE.

I hope everyone else is having a Beautiful and Wonderful and Grace Filled Wednesday!

In Love & Faith,
RaZella www.ramblingspiderwebs.w
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    Love the full report!! You totally rocked this past week & I know it will be even better this coming week with more sleep!!!
    3046 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    LOL - If I weighed 133 Lbs the wind here would just pick me up. Great going, Earl
    3052 days ago
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