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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tomorrow is one of my best and most valued friends birthday. And I have invited him out to lunch, at a pizza place and I am going to buy him a Reese milkshake and cupcakes!!! And I am going to sit there, probably a little envious, and maybe a little sickened, and watch him eat them....and pizza.
While I have my salad and water and will be very happy. Cause getting to spend an hour over lunch with him is plenty of enough treat for me.
He has been thru so much this last year and just being able to take his mind off that issue for an hour will make me feel like I have given him a great birthday gift.
Today, I got on the scale, for a little midweek torture and wasnt at all tortured, but a smile crept across my lips.
Another pound gone and I am happy.
My goal for October was to lose 9 lbs and so far I have lost 5, with 2 weeks left, I just might make it.
I got in my walk, late today, but it was so windy out, the weather man told me it was gonna rain early this morning, but he was wrong.
So, I had gone back to bed and slept late til nearly 9am....of course, once again, I didnt lay back down til nearly 7...waiting to see if the wind let up.
But got that walk in and feeling great, back is hurting a little.
I gotta watch this week, with the birthday lunch and a baby shower coming up on Sunday.
I gotta keep myself in check.
I have had a minor issue with a skin seems that on my right side, up under where my bra band lays, I have begun to get a rubbing friction rash??? Maybe not even a rash, more like just where the band rubs, and leaves redness and pain, I mean literally I was in so much pain from it the other evening I thought I would die.
I use moleskin, but cant do that as it pulls off the top layer of skin, and so bandaids, the water proof big bandaids is my only relief.
I am going to discuss this with my doctor if it continues, but I am sure short of offering me some kind of cream or something and telling me not to walk til its cleared up, not much she can do.
The redness and pain are gone, but I am left scarred.
And not only from that, I have a scar on my side from where my pedometer laid to deeply and I didnt even feel it when I was walking.
Between that and my feet....sometimes I sit and wonder why it is that trying to get fit and lose weight and get healthy exercise can be so problematic.
Wow, I wish I had started this plan of action about 50 or 75 pounds ago.
But people say to me, wow you look so good, you can tell you've lost weight, etc, but when am I going to start really seeing it??????
I mean 42pounds ppl and I am not seeing much. My tummy and my body does feel smaller to some extend, I can walk up a hill or stairs now without falling over from lack of air.
I am down ONE pant size, ONE shirt size and ONE bra size.....
ONE....after 42 pounds!!!!
I mean come on when are the inches going to fall off ???
Toning and strength workouts dont seem to be really brining the inches off, someone said maybe all I have lost is water weight, damn that is like alot of water!!!!
Just hoping to start really seeing some changes soon.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It took a long time before anyone could tell I had lost weight, and I didn't go down a size until I had lost about 25 pounds (from a starting point of about 215, I think), so don't despair. If you are doing all the right things, keep on doing them, and you will be thrilled with a sudden release of weight eventually!

    As for the irritation, get yourself some BodyGlide. Apply liberally BEFORE you work out. It will help. You may need to re-apply if you exercise for very long or get very sweaty.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!
    2931 days ago
    We are our own worst enemies when we look at ourselves. Like we "can't see the forest for the trees" type thing. My DH looks at his biceps and thinks they are small, no matter how much other people say they are big. I saw a photo once and asked my mom who was the lady in the bathing suit. She said "It's you!" I was shocked. I had curves?

    You are working hard and it is showing. And it is showing! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2933 days ago
  • LADYBUG546
    Great job can do it the way watch that rash...I don't know if it is on your back or sides but my mom got shingles around her bra line and you don't want it to get worse as it is extremely painful and difficult to get rid of at times. Check with your doctor sooner than later.

    Your amazing to have lost 42lbs wish I could say the same...but some day
    2934 days ago

    It's not all water weight and 42 lbs lost is great. I can't wait till I can say that too! The others are right too - take the compliments from others, notice the other non scale achievements like feeling better and less winded, etc. And what a cool thing you did for your friend taking him out for a great Birthday lunch and taking his mind off his problems. I bet he really appreciated it from you.
    Have a great day!

    2934 days ago
    Sometimes it takes a while to show up but before you know it it will make a HUGE difference. Hang in there! Keep doing what you're doing and you'll see results soon!
    2934 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    Just want to share with you a sign that I saw on my travels in my taxi last night as I was driving along Interstate 90.

    "Patience is a key ingredient in success"

    This is why measurements are so important. Because you see yourself everyday, you don't notice the small changes over time that others will notice. More important than physical appearance, how are you feeling? From your writings, I see other than the small problems that the exercise is bringing to you at the moment, your mood is positive and focused.

    Using those two tools along with some patience will carry you through to the physical appearance you are working for all while you are feeling good.
    2934 days ago
    congrats on the 40plus lbs! You are doing awesome; don't beat yourself up! Enjoy the journey!
    2934 days ago
    Don't beat yourself are doing emoticon ! Forty-two pounds is alot of weight to lose and no, it is NOT all water! We see ourselves every day so sometimes we don't notice the changes like other people do. It is great that other people are noticing your weight loss. Sometimes we look at ourselves in a totally different way than others do and we can be more critical of ourselves. Keep up the great work and the inches will come off. Don't get discouraged.

    2934 days ago
    One of the things a friend of mine told me to do on this journey was to take pictures. EWWW! I mean I avoid the camera at all costs and can't remember the last candid picture of me with my family. But she told me (and opened up and showed me) just how much of an encouragement it can be. You see, we live with ourselves every day and often don't see the changes in our body because they are so gradual. But when we look at pictures, in the same outfit (until you just can't keep the same outfit on!) in the same pose, we see the changes.

    And 42 lbs is nothing to turn your nose up at! Neither is going down a size! That is an awesome accomplishment! Trust that the people telling you they see a difference are being honest and continue walking the path to a fitter you! You can do it! emoticon
    2934 days ago
  • no profile photo JTNELS61
    sounds like I could have written this
    2934 days ago
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