Weigh In Wednesday: I Will Not Be Discouraged

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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It is Wednesday.
The day that I face off with the scale.
The day that I look back at the past week and review, examine, and re-commit myself for the upcoming week.
It is "The Day".
Here is the thing, I KNEW today was not going to be pretty. I just knew it. Mostly because this past week has been "The Week".
You know, the week where you actually say to your husband that he is treating you "like a subhuman".

Like a subhuman?
Did I seriously look at him and tell him he treated me like a subhuman?
Oh yes. Yes I did.

For the life of me there is no way I could tell you WHY I did.
Woman + Hormones + The Week = Adding the word "subhuman" to your vocabulary.
Oy vey. Lord bless that man.

Anyway, so let's go ahead and take a look at our goals and this past week just because, it's what I do, and I'm committed to doing it, even when it ain't pretty.

Keep Track of my Nutrition on SparkPeople

Ok, so I didn't do the best job at tracking, again. Although I did track more than the week before, so we are heading in the right direction at least!
Eating a salad with big leafy greens makes a BIG difference in my iron count. Must keep the salad a day plan AND must remember to take my multivitamin to help in that area!
I was CRAVING sodium this week. I'm pretty sure that my tracking is off in the sodium area, especially Sunday, and especially because of the amount of water I was retaining. I must make sure to DRINK WATER. This week, I gotta keep an eye on the sodium.
I figured out some of what was driving my fats up so high on a daily basis. I hit my fats goal after I really started paying attention to it. That's the whole point of tracking though, to really pay attention so I can keep making healthier daily choices.
Pumpkin Spice Cake was DELICIOUS. The absolute BEST part of this cake is that I put into practice how to help make some of my baking "healthier". I substituted half of what it called for in shortening with applesauce. HUGE difference. I also cut the amount of sugar it called for in half, and used some Splenda for the sake of my diabetic husband. The last cake I made was about 300 calories per slice. This delicious creation came out to a little under 200 calories a slice and that was WITH the light drizzle of chocolate icing on top. SCORE.
Complete My Power90 Workouts
The hubs and I did 5 out of the 6 workouts. YES! For it being our first full week together, I was VERY impressed that we accomplished that. We are both committed to making this week the week that we don't skip a single workout. I know we can do it, and I'm totally LOVING that we are doing it together.
I have finally gotten to the point I can handle all the squats during the "lunge/squat" combo without feeling as though I am going to die.
I am able to successfully complete 180 crunches out of the 200 on the AbRipper.
I can feel my lower back getting stronger. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!
Go to bed at 9:30
Fail. The earliest that I went to bed was 10pm, with 3 out of the 7 nights being 10:30pm. This directly resulted in me NOT getting up at 5:30am as I want to. I managed to get up at 5:45 one morning. The last two mornings I have not been getting up until after 6:30 in the morning.
Ok. So let's go ahead and face the scale.

Last Week’s Weight: 133.8 LBS
This Week’s Weight: 136.4 LBS
Difference: +2.6 LBS
Total Since Weight Loss Journey Began: -13.6 LBS

I Will Not Be Discouraged.

Let me say that again, for effect, for myself.


Here are the realities. Hormonal weeks are tough. For me, for the hubs (because of me HA!), for all the varying reasons that accompany this. However, here are some more realities.


I attended a birthday party Saturday for a friend's daughter. It was fun to see her again and meet new people and of COURSE the chips, salsa, and pizza called to me. I enjoyed it though!
I AM stronger. The exercise is making me stronger and that feeling is AWESOME.
I AM having TONS of fun exercising with my husband. After surviving each workout we always make sure to High Five each other. LOVE IT.
I have taken a few nature walks with another friend of mine. I'm having a blast just walking and talking with her and getting outside and enjoying the sun before winter comes. It does wonders for my mood being out in God's creation for a little bit each day. It's also been such fun getting to meet up with her to hang out, knit, paint, and other things together randomly.
I had a wonderful evening with the ladies who came over for a little "knitting" group. I LOVE knitting. I have become addicted. I'm almost done with my second scarf, one for my husband, and am about to start one for my step-daughter. I'm also toying with the idea of knitting with beads. Oh YouTube, what an amazing knitting teacher you are!
My son and I have had such fun in the afternoons. We watched an educational film on Fire Ants one day after school. FIRE ANTS ARE TRULY AMAZING LITTLE SURVIVORS. I now know more about Fire Ants than I ever dreamed I would know. We also have successfully made it to level 4 in Mario on the Wii. We are MARIO ROCKSTARS!
I am re-discovering my love for cooking. Being a "fast track" career woman left little time for me to bake, cook, etc. Now I'm creating dinners that my husband loves. I love being able to come up with things that he loves, and having it ready for him when he comes home. I love having more control over what my family is fueling their bodies with. Don't get me wrong, we still have microwave dinner nights here and there. We also have fun nights. I'm even thinking of doing something silly one of these nights, such as making "rainbow" spaghetti just for FUN. I think my family would totally get a kick out of that.
I'm in a much healthier place mentally, emotionally, spiritually. THIS cannot be weighed on a scale. THIS cannot be defined by a number. THIS is the grace, goodness, and glory of my God.
I WILL continue to track my nutrition on SparkPeople. I AM going to keep track this weekend. Because I can. Because I got this!
I WILL do my very best to get in bed at 9:30 this week. Because Sleep is a beautiful gift from the Creator. Because it is a beautiful reminder that I depend on sleep because I am created to NEED that which the Creator gives. It is a small, nightly reminder, I NEED Him. I also want to get up early enough to serve my family by making breakfast and having their lunches packed on time. I want to serve my family with love by being there to help their day start off with love. I want to get up on time so that way I can have time to be in the Word, do my exercise, track my nutrition, and everything else without feeling stressed and rushed and guilty for not "getting it done". I want to wake up on time, to do this, I must go to bed on time.
I WILL do all my Power90 exercises this week. I will do this because the exercise totally helps keep my husband's sugars right where they need to be. It helps us to manage some of the stresses that try to follow us during the day. I can feel the changes in my energy levels, my fitness, and my strength. My body feels better. My body hurts less. My body feels like I'm taking care of it when I exercise. I enjoy it, and I enjoy the time with my husband when we exercise. By keeping myself committed I am a supporter to keep him going, and he supports me. It's a beautiful thing.
I'm going to keep writing down when I go to bed and when I get up and how I feel when I get up. It's been revealing thus far.
I am going to keep track of my nutritional goals. I think I'll just keep a little pen and paper handy to jot things down when the computer is simply not easily accessed. This way, when I am on the computer next I won't forget things.
I am going to keep getting the exercise done.
I am not discouraged.

The REALITY is - I am Happy. The scale may have gone up, however, the scale cannot and will not take my happiness.

I hope everyone else out there is keeping it REAL on your own health journey!

In Love & Faith,
RaZella www.ramblingspiderwebs.b
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    Wednesday is my weigh on day to and i never know what to expect. When i eat really well i am up and when i cheat alittle i am down. I never get how it works...keep on goin ...head up and keep pushing forward.....
    3044 days ago
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