Day 93

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today my weight is 142. This is the lowest adult weight for me EVER. I am thrilled but in a new and better way. I am learning maintenance while I lose my last few pounds before reaching my new goal of 140. I accept that I will always need to track food, exercise regularly, and even accept that the scale with jump around and sometimes that jump will be up instead of down.

I started an 8 week challenge 3-1/2 weeks ago at 145 and have been up and down between that number and 144 for most of that time. I was traveling for a week and did not get enough exercise and food was not the best. But mostly I think it was just a normal "spot" where my body was adjusting to a new, lower weight.

I have now lost 15 pounds in 93 days and that is awesome and actually more than I expected to lose. My goal is 140 but I am going to continue to keep my calories in weight loss area for most days to take off a few more. It would be very cool to end up in the mid to high 130s and if I can do it and then maintain the loss, I will. If not, I will be thrilled to continue to be the size I am now.

This is a big shout out thank you for SP and to all the wonderful folks here. You are the best.
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