Best and Worse Fitness Equipment

Friday, November 02, 2012

While meandering SparkPeople forums the other day, I saw some posts about the best and worst fitness equipment, and I decided to share my thoughts as a blog post.

OK so anything that breaks easily or causes injury is BAD. I'm sure nobody will disagree with me there.

As I saw people write their worst ever purchases, what I observed was this: People call equipment bad when it becomes a coat rack or collects dust.

Well guess what kids...the machine doesn't exercise you for you! Not a news flash, I know.

True confession time. I am NOT an exercise lover. I never get that endorphine rush you're SUPPOSED to get from exercise, and I'd rather do something else...except that I've made a discovery about myself.

Want to know what it is?

Well if you don't, go read someone else's blog! haha!

I feel more fluid and graceful and strong when I move more. I'll never love extreme hiking, ball sports or running (except running off at the mouth maybe).

But wow do I feel good after using the Malibu Pilates chair for a 20 or 30 minute playout.

I can get into being fit and strong but not into I call anything I do fun fitness, grace, strength, affirming life, etc.

So here are my favorite fun fitness tools and why.

Pedometer - Keeps me mindful of movement. When I'm on calls with my clients, I tend to pace at a moderate pace (not a shamble and not a trot), and I took 2500 steps during a couple hours of calls yesterday. WOW!

Malibu Pilates chair - Yeah this was on some people's worst list, and why I LOVE it so much is that I'll actually DO it, because I am more balanced, centered and strong afterward. Yeah I'm ouchy too sometimes but not in a way that makes me want to stop or give up.

Goddess Workout bellydance DVD. Great for fun, coordination, and graceful strength.

Cellercise Rebounder - I LOVE to bounce. When I have heavy writing/computer days, getting up to bounce every hour is not only good for me, but it kicks my brain into high gear. When I need to think something through, I will either walk the dog or rebound!

Spiral Fitness DVD - can we tell I need variety? Spiral fitness is about flow and energy and movement. It can be calm to vigorous, like many things, depending on your intensity. Playing moderate I work up a light sweat and feel good.

If you're wondering why I didn't mention all the SparkPeople Workouts, it's mainly because I'm mostly blind, and if I need to watch a screen to repeat movements, it better be a lot bigger than my computer screen. Plus there's no room to play where my computer lives.

So at the end of the day, as they say...

Truly the worst fitness equipment is anything you buy and fail to use. It won't drag you onto it and move you!

The best equipment is the thing you'll use.

How do I - a self-confessed, lifelong exercise hater - get motivated to move?

Take it from a lifelong former (well on the way to former) fatty: It's not about being in the mood, wanting to, or being in the right zone. I say "you don't gotta wanna, you just gotta do it."

I'll post some of the things that help me in another blog post soon.

Follow your bliss!

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    I don't know why it took me so long to read this blog. You are absolutely right--any tool we buy and don't use is a bad one for us. The tools we will always be good even if they aren't the right ones for someone else. Your energy and insight have pushed me back to the treadmill which I enjoy - except in winter. The only place for it is on my enclosed porch - enclosed but still cold. What the heck? I have plenty of warm clothes and there is nothing keeping me from enercise!
    Here's a little sunshine for you - Let your little light shine!
    2583 days ago
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