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2013 Fitness Bucket List

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It is that time of year again when I will make some goals, commitments or resolution for the upcoming year and declare that this will be THE year! But honest self-reflection promptly reminds me that every year since I have been on this journey, each year has been THE year. Truth is some years I have succeeded and relapsed for whatever reasons or just plain failed. Last week, I got an article from Coach Calorie (which I highly recommend that you subscribe to as they have great articles) that had this picture in it and got me thinking…

So I have decided to start AGAIN in November. I mean which law says that resolutions have to begin in January anyways! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear the whispers that Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts are upon us…but if I continue to fail at these events, then I have already failed before I have started. (side note – Thank God, Jamaica doesn’t have thanksgiving!)
Seriously though, I don’t want to be writing a blog like this in November 2013. I should have reached my goal weight by then…whatever that is on the scale…I am not sure but I want to be AND feel fit and healthy!

How will I get here? Well I have come up with my 2013 fitness bucket list…another idea I think I got from Coach Calorie too. Here goes (in no particular order):
1. I will master Tapout’s Plyo XT! I swear this is my nemesis workout

2. I will complete Jillian Michaels’s Body Revolution with RHEYNKLAW. We are scheduled to start in January 2013.
3. Complete 25 boy push-ups without modifying! Ugh…I hate push-ups…maybe 20?? No I need to challenge myself!
4. Maintain a 3 minute plank! Ha!
5. Learn to swim…I mean this will be good for my back….but I am still iffy about this one!
6. Hike Blue Mountain, Jamaica! Crazy that I live here and so many visitors have hiked it and I don’t even know where it is!

7. Complete a 5k WALK!!! I will leave the running to my fitness besties Nats, Ben and Cheryl!
8. Enjoy yoga…hmmm
9. Complete a round of Bob Harper’s workouts. I should have enough of his workouts to make up a plan….need to find a schedule….I am sure few exists online.
10. I will cheat at cheat meals only. Need to curb those sweets….does this belong here? Well it is fitness related…I think?

By the end of 2013:
1. I will have a six pack…ok I will be happy with 4!

2. I will wear a bikini! emoticon
3. I will lose 17lbs and keep it off!!!
4. I will have such a strong core that my back will in turn be strengthened!

I will track my progress through my blogs...sighs...big accountability promise but important one to keep!

I believe I can do it! 2013 will be THE year!

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