My First 10K Run!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well about the middle of the summer I thought I should try to run a 10K before the snow flies this year. It seemed a little daunting but I was already running 4 miles regularly so I thought there was a chance it could be done. A few weeks ago, I ran 5 miles just to see if I could and I made it happen. The difference between 4 miles and 5 is only about 12 minutes, but those are longgggg minutes!

Fast forward to this week. On Monday, I realized I had Tuesday afternoon off and the weather was going to be semi-nice and thought, "Hey, you should try your 10k that afternoon." Great idea on Monday since it was a day and half away. By Tuesday mid-morning, I had pretty much talked myself out of it, trading it instead for an afternoon lounging on my couch and watching a movie I've been wanting to see. It was going to be the perfect afternoon, no kids, no husband, no work, just me and my little baby poochie on the couch watching a movie that I want to see without interruption.

Well...I think I received a divine intervention. When I got home, there was no power to any of the homes on our block. That meant, no movie, no computer since the router runs on POWER, didn't want to open the fridge and let the cold air out. So it seems like someone had a different plan for my afternoon. I even got dressed REALLLLLY slowly just in case the power came on while I was still home so I could change my mind and plant my azz on the couch. No luck...out the door I went.

I walked a couple of blocks to warm up, then turned on my runkeeper app and set out on my 6.2 mile run. In my head, I'm thinking it won't be that bad, it's only about 25 minutes longer than you're used to. The weather felt great, I'd found a relatively unhilly route (263 climb) that was out and back and since it was the middle of the day, traffic should be at a minimum.

Mile 1: This is good, I feel strong, I can do this.

Mile 2: Sweat is starting to pour, burn baby burn, glad I didn't wear my hoodie

Mile 3: Seriously, only 3 miles so far..? Halfway, keep going...

Mile 4: Wind, where did this wind come from? It's pushing against me, not fair! I hate running. OMC...I better dig deep I've got a ways to go...

Mile 5: I should just stop, this is dumb...if you walk it still counts, right? I seriously hate wind. I hate running. NO...KEEP RUNNINGGGGGG! I HATE WIND!

Mile 6: Will this wind ever stop? Did I run downhill the whole first half? So close, just keep going, just think about something, anything, not about running, my feet hurt, keep running, am i there yet? nope, keep running, how many songs is 12 minutes? Let's do basic math if i run 1 mile in 12 minutes how many minutes is .2 miles. For the record, I couldn't figure that out at that point LOL

I was never so happy to check my GPS and see 6.24 miles. I smiled, I laughed even. I decided I never wanted to do that again.

Today, I'm more sore than I thought I'd be. I didn't really think 2 extra miles would really make that big of a difference, but I'm feeling it! Today, I think I may do it again sometime. So happy I did it, I DID IT!
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