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Crazy weekend--wow!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

So yesterday there was a free teen Heart check up put on by one of the local hospitals. I wanted to get the kids checked (have wanted to get them checked) for sometime now. With our insurance though, they wouldn't cover any type of heart check up and with 3 kids, there was just no way to have them checked out...sad to say, but....what can I say 3 X's a couple of grand each...can't do it. So when I caught wind of this free heart bet I signed the kids right up for it.

With my family history and my own history...coming up on my 5 yr anniversary this coming Wednesday of my heart attack. They had to be checked. I get the kids checked in and I'm told that the kids go back and the parents can go sit in the cafeteria..okay, whatever. I go and sit. There is a health fair going on in the cafeteria. I sit at a table near a rather handsome looking dude emoticon what can I say... I'm sitting there, not sure what he was there for. I hear him talking to some people and realize it was all related to weight problems. I hear him talk to a few different people I finally got up and went to his table. He says to me that I dont need the info to what he was there for cause it was obvious to him that I'm in shape, I dont have weight lose blah, blah...We talk about all different things. Start talking about what kinds of test they are running on the kids etc... he tells me that they'll do ECHO's on the kids if there is only a reason found by the cardiologist. Not even 2-3 minutes later my 14 yr old daughter comes out with her smiley face sticker saying she is healthy. She comes out and says to me, John is getting an ECHO done??? Echo? are you sure ECHO. She says yeah, that the two of them went at the same time to get the EKG and that they popped him right off the table and said he needed the ECHO done. The issue he has isn't serious, but serious enough that I was told he needs to have a follow up with a cardiologist. He has what I had when I was actually in the hospital before being diagnosed with a heart attack. His heart will show on the EKG 2 heart beats up and 1 down, 2 up, 1 down, 2 up, 1 down. It's not beating the correct way. The cardiologist and the doctor that performed the ECHO talked with me, told me that he can continue to run but he has to be seen by a head was spinning a million miles a minute!!! I actually have to make my own appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow for my 6 month check up...I still go every 6 months....I, since the heart attack developed a racing heart beat and irregular heart beat. So I now am back to every 6 months and yearly stress tests. I call tomorrow for my appointment and will ask about having my son looked at. emoticon

My girls though both of them are A-ok. thank goodness!!! OMG!! Looks like they were lucky to get daddy's teeth issues and it kinda looks like that my son got my side of the family heart issues... emoticon Love my babies to pieces and this is stressing me out a bit...just a bit.
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    I completely get it. An illness is so much easier to cope with in yourself than in your child. . It's awesome that you were able to discover this as soon as you did.
    3130 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    how wonderful that you have a free test available for your kids! Thank goodness you found out now before there was any issues with John's health! So much to be thankful for!!
    3130 days ago
    Thank God for free testing! I'm glad you were able to get the kids tested and get ahead of any problems.
    3130 days ago
    Good for you for being on the ball and getting the test done for your kids. That's amazing that they were being offered for free. I hope things turn out okay for your son. Since the doctor said he could still run, it sounds like things will work out, but it would cause me stress too if something like that was happening. You are such a good mom to have it all checked out!
    3130 days ago
    Scarry, stuff when its our kids....glad you caught it early. Good for you for taking advantage of free stuff and for being aware that there was a need for checking them. I've never even heard of heart checks for kids.
    3130 days ago
    Wow! I can only imagine everything that went racing through your mind when your daughter came out telling you John needed an ECHO. But THANK GOD for the free testing and the fact that you found out about it and jumped on it. Wishing both of you all the luck in the world as you get checked out.
    3130 days ago
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