Week 3 BSG Challenge Lucious Lavenders, My Favorite Thanksgiving Memory!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The best Thanksgiving Memories I have was when my family lived in a small town called Denison, TX. My three older siblings were living on their own and scattered all over the place. They all came home for Thanksgiving. Mom, would fix the traditional meal for us which was Turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casserole and homemade hot rolls. I forgot the pies mom made from scratch. I remember one year mom had ladi a couple of cream pies in her room she used for sewing and didn't close the door. The cat decided to sample the topping of one of the pies. Mom didn't bat an eyelash she scooped out some of the topping where the cat had took a bite. Then she took a sppong and smoother the hole closed. Nobody knew the difference. I was only aware of it because I walked in when mom was fixing the pie. My mom was one of those ladies who didn't really want anyone in kitchen untill after dinner. When we all chipped in to do dishes. Mom would get out her Noritaki China, We only used it twice a year Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

After dinner all my siblings and I would normally go out and do something active like play basketball or football. Later in the afternoon we would watch the college football games and in the evenings the older siblings would play bridge with mom and dad.

Those are the fondest memories I have Thanksgiving. I have some good Christmas memories too.
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