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Sunday, December 16, 2012 bf thinks I'm hot hahaaa....Well, I know I've been on sparkpeople on and off for a while. I kept forgetting to post blogs, especially to update. I'm finally at the point where I know I need to do something....I'm tired of always being sore, tired, restless etc. I'm turning 25 in a little over a week and my whole body shouldn't hurt all the time...Chloe is finally at that stage where she's all over the house haha and I get tired just trying to follow her around. I don't know what I'm going to do when she starts walking. Her dad is coming to the same point. Most of our clothes don't fit...almost a year later and I'm still in my pregnancy pants...grrr hahaha I really didn't want to have to give up all the foods I love...but I love unhealthy stuff...I love burgers and fries, pizza and lasagna,...cheese and definitely chocolate...I figure I could just try moderation but I have a tendency to binge eat sooooo I don't know. I may have to just stop it all or find a way to control the cravings...but we're going to work on it...I know we both want to lose weight and get back in shape and I think it will be easier with him doing it with me. Most likely I will get started seriously working out next month, not because it's new year's/or for a resolution but idk it's just something about starting from January that I like. We've started eating healthier but there's always good and bad days, especially with the holidays. Chloe's turning 1 next week and I'm turning 25 a few days after that, soooo I'll have to be good haha and stay away from all that cake and ice cream!
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    I like Dr. Ian too, I just can't stick with any of his plans....I'm pretty sure I just need to work harder at sticking with a plan...grrr haha
    3132 days ago
    Well you're on your way by recognizing that you need to make changes. You and your boyfriend are probably enabling one another. It was like that with my daughter and I. Since she's moved away - I've dropped almost 25 pounds. When we're together and decide to lose weight we typically do quite well together - so you and you BF should give it a try as a team. One thing YOU must remember is that guys have a tendency to lose a lot quicker and YOU can't become discouraged when he does. I really love Dr. Ian Smith's weight loss plans because they allow so many different foods in a healthier way. He has a new book/plan coming out on Christmas eve but you can also follow on Facebook or twitter (Shredder Nation). He lays out every meal, times to eat, exercise and substitution and snack list. I've been on the old regimen from the 50 million pound challenge for 2 weeks now and have lost close to 6#s and didn't workout the last week due to a cold. I had been plateuing before that. I'm starting today the shred routine which is about the same. So you really don't have to give up everything just learned how to make them healthier, in moderation and not as often.
    3150 days ago
    I had to figure out the same thing recently. I do not know if my method will work for you but my first step was to stop the addiction to junk food. I had to stop myself from eating dessert for about 4 days. That was probably the hardest part. I drank alot of water and ate yogurt and got alot of sleep while I beat down the cravings.

    Then I allowed myself to have my junk foods again but whenever I ate them I reminded myself that I didn't need to eat alot. It was okay to just have one or two cookies and that I could always have another cookie tomorrow. I also would only "diet" for about two weeks at a time. I would eat the healthy foods for just two weeks and try to be easy on the junk food. Then at the end of two weeks I would stop "dieting" and just eat normal and focus on maintaining my weight loss. Try to remember to eat the way I want to eat for the rest of my life. I didn't want to live my life without pizza. But maybe I could eat a greek yogurt an hour before having pizza and then I don't eat too much.

    I think you have to remember to balance your goals with who you want to be. I have lost 40lbs and I can't wait to continue but I doubt anyone would hold me up as a standard for healthy eating since you would be hard pressed to find a salad or hummus ect. Yesterday I ate dominoes pizza for lunch!

    Take care. You can do it! Small steps each day will help you get there.
    3150 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    If you're a Capricorn you certainly have the discipline to be slim. Watch the YouTube video" THE MEN WHO MADE US FAT" and you will understand WHY you love burgers and all that junk food.
    3151 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    If you're a Capricorn you certainly have the discipline to be slim. Watch the YouTube video" THE MEN WHO MADE US FAT" and you will understand WHY you love burgers and all that junk food.
    3151 days ago
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