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we're heeeeeere! Day 22!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


The drive was uneventful, even pleasant. The family is greaaaat!

Everything according to plan!! I ate leftover soup for lunch @ McDonald's (heh), had my healthy snacks for the car, and lobbied for the salad bar option at dinner. Got salad and a reasonable, low calorie entree. I didn't eat the bread/biscuits, muahahaha. Nor did I partake in beer & chocolates when we got home; I had a tasty cup of tea.

BEHOLD: I met every single Kick August goal today!!! Stretch goals included!

~*~***~KICK AUGUST~***~*~
August accomplishments - December progress so far (December 1-22)


Tracked all 31 days – 22/22 days so far
In calorie range 24/31 days – 18/22 so far
Over 2000 calories 6 days – 0 so far
Fat in range 25/31 days – 20/22 so far
Carbs in range 29/31 days – 22/22 so far
Protein under range 4/31 days – 0 so far
Protein over 90g 12/31 days – 10/22 so far
Cholesterol in range 25/31 days – 19/22 so far
Fiber in range 19/31 days – 16/22 so far
Fiber over 40g 4/31 days – 9/22 so far
Sodium in range 12 days – 14/22 so far
Sodium under 3,000mg 24/31 days – 21/22 so far
Remembered to take vitamins 23/31 days – 22/22 so far

Intake (other):

Total cups of water 152 – 177 so far 
Average of 4.9/day – average of 8/day so far
Total fruits & veggies 137 – 143 so far
Average of 4.4/day – average of 6.5/day so far


Worked out 3x a week 4/5 weeks – 3x for weeks 1-3
Measured another way, worked out 13 days – 10 so far
569 fitness minutes – 406 minutes so far
Strength training days 0 – 3 so far
Calories burned 4720 – 6691 so far 
Average burn ~1005 calories/week -  1910 avg wk1-3

Not bad for a day on the road + going out to eat!!!

Tomorrow is cookie baking, so I will need all my Kick August determination in high gear!

It helps that I hopped on the scale this morning for my final pre-Christmas weigh in and saw a number under 260. WOOOOOOOOO! I'll use my parents' scale to see where I am relative to tomorrow morning throughout the week, but I won't know my "official" weight again until I get back.

Thank you guys so much for checking in and all the comments. Warm fuzzies! I'll catch up with everybody in more detail soon from a computer, not when I'm writing blogs in the "notepad" app on my phone, hahaha!
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