Monday, December 31, 2012

Since 2012 wasn't what I wanted for myself with my weight loss journey I plan on making 2013 10x better.

I plan on losing the last 60ish lbs to finally reach my goal 130 lbs. I plan on being a much happier person, since I know that when I'm happy I have a easier time losing the weight. I will continue to see my therapist to reach that goal to being happy.

This year I plan on getting out of my house more often than just going to the commissary or to the gym. I will find something to occupy my time during the day, sitting at home with the four walls closing in isn't the way that I want to live my life. I feel like I have been forgotten by the people in my life...its like the saying "Out of sight, out of mind" really is playing out in my family. But it's up to me to make myself happy, not the other way around.

This year I plan on taking my family on a vacation, not sure where yet, but we need to get away from this city for a week or two. Along with a mini vacation for just Tyler and I, which I'm working on for sometime in February.

This year I plan on working on making my marriage stronger than it has been in the past and being a better mother to my two wonderful kids. They are getting older and before long they will be out of the house and on their own. I want to have a better relationship with them than I have with my own mother. To let them know that they matter to me no matter what happens in their lives or mine.

This year I plan on being more financially responsible. Again this comes to better my marriage and to teach my kids more about handling money so they will be better off when they are on their own.

But most of all I plan on putting myself first so that I can reach all these goals. There may be some out there that say that it's selfish of me to say I putting myself first but when you struggle to lose weight it's what has to been done, at least for me. But I'm not saying that by putting myself first that I will completely forgo my husband and kids because they are apart of this process too.

So here's to making 2013 the best it can be!!!

Random thought of the day: The other day Tyler and I were talking in the car on the way to dinner and he brought up the fact that I'm turning 35 on my next birthday. I guess that is the magical number for a woman to turn into a cougar and since I'm older than he is I become on that day. So here's to all my fellow cougars....RAWR!! (said like ray-er, lol)

Later Dayz
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