Went Grocery Shopping today! Guess what we brought home?

Monday, December 31, 2012

Leslie and I left the house to go grocery shopping this morning. While we were out we thought we would drop by the local animal shelter to see what they had. The local shelter didn't have any dogs that fit what we were looking for. So we continued to the grocery store. I mentioned that we could stop by the Oklahoma City animal shelter which was a little out of our way. It was the shelter I have adopted my last two dogs. So we put off going grocery store for a little while to visit that shelter. Well things didn't quite go as we planned.

We were not expecting to take a dog home today when went for our visit. You know the old saying about, " Best laid plans." We have a new family member as of 3pm this afternoon. He doesn't have a name yet. We are working on it. He is a real sweet natured little guy. They say he is a Boston Terrier mis. I sure whould like to know what the mix is. He is a brindle color on his back and legs and his head and ears are black and white. As soon as we can get some pictures I will put some up on my page.

He has already settled in with the other fur kids. He even has Silk's approval. Silk is the 15 year old cat that rules the house.
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