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here I go again

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

So I decided to investigate a little further...I used 3 different kinds of cereal that we have in the pantry....
on the labels they said serving was 1 cup.....but the weights per grams were different....of course some things weigh more than others,....granola is pretty heavy as to puffed rice....

Hope this is not too once again weighing seemed to be more accurate....I think we tend to add a bit more with the cup or spoon than the scale....

but here is what I found on box said approx. serving was say 16 crackers and gave a weight but when I put 16 crackers on the scale it was over by several grams in one case 10 grams..... I also noticed that the same cracker brand was different from flavor and then what really surprised me was I had an old box of crackers I brought from Colorado, BTW I don't eat any crackers, if any but DH loves crackers....the old box of wheat thins said 14 was a serving and the new box said 16 was the serving...and the 16 was 140 calories and the other was not even the servings and calories were the same.....

where am I going with this.....if you are like me and you are not getting the results you are aiming for and you can't figure out why the scale is not might just be your getting my calories than you think....those last 10-15 pounds are the hardest to get off ...because as we should all know the more weight you loose the less food you can eat and the more you need to exercise.....and our bodies just get use to the same old thing......

so if your as determined as I am to get the facts, be honest with myself....looking for answers than just might be in the serving and weight of your food...

Finally word on this, as it can be maddening to most.....We need accurate info...we need honest calories and serving sizes, not adjusting to make it sell better....also I think if it's in there it should not be able to say 0% just because it's under that has say trans fat, can say fat free even though it has .5% trans fat....that is legal....

I'm on a mission to get accurate info. about my food, calories and serving size...even if I have to do it myself.....

Have a healthy day.. emoticon
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    Very interesting post. Those companies are not consistent with their labeling. Who would have thought it?
    2502 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2502 days ago
    Great info emoticon
    2502 days ago
  • KATI5668
    great info....thanks for sharing

    Have a great day!!!
    2503 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Thatta girl, Kitt!

    I'm with you on labeling accuracy and hopefully one day whomever oversees our food safety/labeling will get tough and enforce the rules and if there aren't any, make new ones.

    I struggle all the time with gluten-free labeling when ideally gluten-free should mean zero parts per million in the US instead of the standard which allows for 20 parts per million of gluten in so-called "gluten-free" foods.

    2503 days ago
    Good job! You're like a food private detective! One thing I learned at WW from calculating points from nutrition labels is that nutrition labels DO change from time to time. Sometimes it's because they've changed their "recipe." Other times it's because they changed their serving size. It really pays to look at the NI each time you buy a product to make sure you're using accurate info for that package. I totally agree with you about weighing your food. I have a WW digital scale, and it was the best investment I've ever made. Thanks for your blog!
    2503 days ago
    Kit, you would probably like to subscribe to NUTRITION ACTION from The Center for Science in the Public Interest. It started in 1971 by 3 young scientists and has blossomed into an international organization. The prime focus is to educate consumers and improve policies of the U.S. and Canadian governments and change the practices of huge corporations. Their work has led to better food labeling, more honest ads, better diets and would enjoy their health letter as they are on the same mission as you are!
    2503 days ago
    Love this stuff you're sharing. And you're right -- the labels should be accurate and truthful. It might happen when the almighty dollar stops being the most important thing to the manufacturers.
    2503 days ago
    I love that you're busy investigating the whys and finding answers!
    2503 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this information, Kitt!!!
    2503 days ago
    I agree. We need honesty from the people who put the products on the market. Sigh.
    Thanks for keeping us updated!
    2503 days ago
    2503 days ago
    I do the WW points so I count the points from fiber, calories, and fat......I also have a WW scale and you pick the food and then you put the food on the scale and it tells how many points. I am using the WW points system I used over 10 years ago. It worked then and it works now.

    Kitt, you sure are doing a lot of research and it does pay off. Weighing is a sure way to get the right amount.
    2503 days ago
    yes that irks me too ..about nutrition labels ..not acurate at all

    think you are right -- weighing yourself is the best for portions..

    2504 days ago
    I honestly think that the food companies want us to think that we can have more food for the calories. This just isn't so and it is up to consumers to do their own investigating. emoticon
    2504 days ago
    You are doing awesome with the weighing. I add an automatic 200 calories to my day to cover things like that. emoticon I always say I had about this many calories.
    2504 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I think the lesson to learn is that packets and volume measurements are pretty inaccurate... I mean a cup of slightly squashed cereal will be a lot more than fresh big crispy ones from the top.

    scales are important.
    2504 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    That is a job!!
    I think if they will not bow down to not getting better sales with correct caloric intake, we might have to cut our servings,, which will defeat their purpose:to get us to buy more.. Serve 'em right!!!
    2504 days ago
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