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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

If I could stop craving junk food that would be fantastic. There's nothing wrong with a cheeseburger every once in a while, but.... It's not just once in a while. It's not just ONE cheeseburger, or serving of chips, or sausage or any of the other greasy things I just looooove. I'm also having trouble not going way over calories at night. Super frustrating!!! I'm really good all day, I'll even exercise and then at night I'll have... Whatever... for dinner and then.... whatever.... for dessert and then something is calling to me from the kitchen at 2 am. This used to be so easy! WTF?!

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    It's like quitting anything else. The beginning is always the hardest. And your body is craving it, because it has gotten used to it and your body has adapted to intaking they at type of food. Think back to when you were exercising all the time, cooking dinner every night, eating fruits and veggies. Now ask yourself, how often did you crave fast or junk food? Probably not very often, because your body was adapted to a healthy diet, so you didn't want the other crap.

    The night time snacking I definitely hear you! That's one of my hurdles as well. I like to give myself a cut-off time. They say it's good to stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed. So whenever that is, tell yourself you won't eat anything after that time. I know this can be the hardest time of day, but you have to do it. And I know your strength of character and will. Dammit girl, don't let the Doritos win!

    And if you know you're going to snack at night, plan for it. Allot "x" amount of snack calories and save them for that window at night before your 3 hour cut-off instead of snacking during the day. Something else I like to do to help curb the snacking craving is to have things on hand that are "snacky" but still good for you. For instance, I like cherry tomatoes or grapes, because they give me the satisfaction of snacking and putting food in my mouth over and extended period of time, without all the calories, guilt and regret. Also unbuttered popcorn, pretzels (the small ones or sticks), nuts are good too (but be careful, because calories will rack up quickly), baby carrots or celery sticks, basically anything small that you can eat a lot of without sabotaging yourself.

    And if you want something sweet, especially late late at night, maybe right before bed or you're just staying up late, I like to make tea or hot cocoa. If you've already met your calories for the day I would recommend tea though. That way you can satisfy the late-night craving without actually eating any food and I find that the warmth is usually comforting and gets me ready for bed (also good if you're having trouble sleeping).
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