11 Jan 2013 Day 11 of 365 235-150

Friday, January 11, 2013

I have had a good week. Down another 1.60 today.
Monday is my "official" weigh-in day, so will weigh again then.

Food is on track and maybe slightly under.
I try to eat to my limit but it is getting harder.

Exercised three days this week. Five is too many,
not enough recovery time for my knees.
Went up to 25 ball crunches, 25 lying hamstring curls,
and 15 wall push-ups. One minute on the rebounder.

What I need to lose each week is 1.63 pounds to stay
on "schedule"; first week I got a little extra so hopefully
I can stay ahead of the game.

FBS is down to around 90-110 each morning right now,
with a drecrease of 10 u twice a day of insulin.

Goals for next week:
Exercise 3 day (MWF)
Treadmill 20 min
Wall push-ups 15
Ball crunches 30
Lying hamstring curls 30
1 WATP dvd (only thing that didn't
get done this week, maybe tomorrow?)

Stay within my limit (1200-1550)
Branch out into some none-ww meals
{tilapia, turkey burgers, chicken fajitas)
Use up the food in the freezer, pantry,
and fridge before buying more

Got my collage moved into office behind
treadmill so I see it whenever I am at the puter

Work on getting my spiritual work done,
didn't do very well this week. Some got caught
up, some got farther behind. Need to just start
where I am on the morning and evening prayer.
This late, I will never get caught up, so just take
the loss and do better next week.
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