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Day 434: (Yet) Another Meme

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I love these things - I'd never have the patience to draw one up, but I love playing with them. Creative toys for the imagination.

Some of these questions pop up on just about all of them, while others are new, or at least new to me.

Tip o'the hat to CHANGING4ME49 (Sallie) for this one - the link to her blog:


1) Where is your cell phone?

Here on the desk, plugged into the charger - which is where it spends most of its life. I use it as a timer much more than I use it as a phone.

2) Spouse?

Oh, yes. In fact, I was greedy, and took two. Somewhere there's an ex, about whom the less said the better... and currently in the shower is a present. I mean, present husband, ha ha.

3) Your hair?

The mere contemplation is enough to spoil a Saturday. Let's avoid reality and pretend it's a crowning glory.

4) Your mother?

Frances. Talking mule jokes were forbidden in our house.

5) Your father?

Dick. All kinds of jokes were forbidden in our house, now that I think on it.

6) Your siblings?

One brother, who died in 1974.

7) Your favorite thing?

Favorite "thing," as opposed to activity or something--? It would have to be my computer, the idiot-box of the 21st century.

8) Your dream last night?

I was watching the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie yesterday and... well, let's just say that Johnny Depp can star in my dreams any time he wants to.

9) Your favorite drink?

Coffee. If I could afford the caffeine and the calories (have to have cream) I'd be drinking it all day long.

10) What room are you in?

MY room! I have a library / office that Himself set up for me several years ago.

11) Your hobbies?

I think I dabble more than engage, as I have no real mastery of any, but I enjoy tinkering with a number of things, from handicrafts like knitting and sewing to mind-exercises like reading and writing to borders-on-the-practical like cooking. Given my druthers I frequently get lost in genealogy. No kings or queens (yet, lol) but I so enjoy wondering about these ancestral cobblers and housekeepers and boatbuilders and schoolteachers and farmers and milliners and...

12) Your fear?

Now, that's a funny thing. Had this just the other day. Let's put "hypodermics," shall we?

13) Where do you want to be in 6 years?

WHERE do I want to be? Harrogate. I like Harrogate. Or maybe somewhere in the Aegean. Western NC has its appeal. So do winters in Florida. Barbados! Nova Scotia! Guernsey! Well, you get the idea... If the question is, HOW or WHAT do you want to be in 6 years - fitter than I am, wealthier than I am, warmer than I am (guess Nova Scotia gets taken out of the above).

14) Where were you last night?

Who's asking?

15) Something that you aren't?

Independently wealthy.

16) Muffins?


16) Wish list item?

A "SOLD" sign for this house--!

17) Last thing you did?

Read Sallie's blog... well, duh.

18) What are you wearing?

I'm becoming more lazy in my old age - I'm still in bathrobe and slippers.

19) Your pets?

Sadly, no.

20) Friends?

I think so - I HOPE so! Quite the international set in some ways, and spanning many years - among them are people I've known since elementary school all the way through to people I've met within the last few years. Really close friends - just enough to stay close to...

21) Your life?

"Quiet" is probably the best all-encompassing word. I like quiet.

22) Your mood?

This meme didn't stipulate one-word answers, but I can answer this one in a word: mercurial.

23) Missing someone?


24) Your car?

Smart car. I think it's a... 2010? 2011? Couple of years old.

25) Wedding ring?

Yes, but I seldom wear it - it can now slide off my finger, and I haven't gotten it adjusted. I wonder about that, actually, as I figure if my knuckles get much larger (shades of old-lady-syndrome!) I'll need the extra size to get it over the knuckle, but... well, 'tis a quandary.

26) Your favorite store?

US: Penney's. UK: Marks & Spencers.

27) Your favorite color?

Oh no, no, I don't have time to get caught up in that this morning. Let's say on the cool side of the palette and be done with it.

28) When is the last time you cried?

Yesterday morning. I don't deal well with "tired."

29) Your favorite cartoon character?

Does Gromit count? Or Shaun the Sheep, either one.

30) Your favorite Disney character?

Uncle Scrooge McDuck - not the after-my-time cartoon show but the old comic books.

31) Your favorite flower?

Sweet William

32) Your favorite type of music?

No particular favorite. I like 'em all.

33) Favorite place to eat?

My house.

34) Favorite place I'd like to be right now?

Well... my favorite place would be upstate NY, as in the Jefferson County area, but not right now - they don't call it the snowbelt for nothing. It would have to be autumn or early spring - after the snow, before mid-summer humidity, and let's give blackfly season a miss... Fall foliage is nice. And since I don't wanna be there in the depths of lake-effect snow (hah) then the next-best place is right here at home. Me 'n' Dorothy. All I need is in my own backyard.

* * *

I didn't label this one "434A," 'cause I've noticed lately there are no "Bs," as I don't get back to do a second blog. So here's one in the can, and if - IF - I get back later today, fair enough. There'll be a bonus blog.

Have a good'un, Sparklers - carpe diem!

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