Strange blessings

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I have waited to share this blog for almost a month trying to find the right words in the right order.

Last month , right before Christmas my mom found a lump in her breast.
Cancer has taken one too many of our family members. My mom has mucinous carcenoma cancer.

and for the cancer to hit this close to home, as my mom put it "THE FIGHT IS ON."

My mom comes from a large family, 13 siblings, 5 have pasted from cancer 3 have fought the battle and won so far.

My mom is the 10 of 13 and has lost a younger sister to breast cancer over 18 years ago.

so the Holidays came and went with a cloud still lingering over head, the phone calls between me and my mom have always been almost daily, she in AZ and me in IL, it break down the miles apart to talk everyday. Tuesday, 22nd my mom will have the lump removed. the good news is she had the BRCA test ...she does not have the cancer gene, and her DR's said it is a good thing you dont have the FAMILY type of cancer.

So I am asking my Spark friend to say a little prayer to help mom, and her Dr's

love and hugs mic

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