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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Moss - Thanks, but no skillet needed! emoticon

Last Saturday (the day after I posted that awesome blog - thanks to all of you who commented, btw! It helped a lot!) Aaron and I got some not so great news about his mom. She has some serious mental health issues that (without going into too much detail) are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with as time goes by. It seems like the only real options that would really help are things no one in the family wants to say... but we are doing the best we can. Well, we got a call saying that she had been staying with one of her sons and his wife and 8 kids, and his wife's grandfather was going to pass soon and the whole family would need to go to Georgia, etc. Someone needed to come pick up Mom and watch her for the week and since we are the only other ones in town...

No problem, right?

Except Mom didn't want to go with us.

Stuff happened, nothing really bad - just stressful. She went back home. And then - Aunt Irma (see previous blogs if you don't know who that is, lol) came to visit, I had a NASTY stomach bug - puking my guts out - NO FUN!

I got all excited because my 2 new belly dancing DVD's came in and my sweet coin scarf/skirt thingy (meh, total noob here).

Aaaaannnnndddd - they still haven't even been watched. Actually, I might pop one in after I blog but I won't be working out to it because at some point today I pulled something MAJOR in my back.

Like - hurts to WALK bad....

I don't know what the flip I did?!?

("I can't go to prison, Roy. They'll rape the FLIP out of me!")

[It's from a show, look up IT Crowd if you're curious.]

Oh, and one more thing that was stressful BUT has been going really well?



So for those of you who don't know, our living situation a couple of years ago was bad - and by bad I mean TERRIBLE. I am ashamed to even admit the state of the home we were living in. We finally got out, but while we were there Bella showed signs she was ready to potty-train, but the bathroom scared her and she wasn't really able to get up and go to the potty whenever. So, she was held back. Developmentally, she stagnated in a lot of areas. It wasn't until we'd moved into a motel and were living in a clean and stable environment that she finally started to really talk and blossom.

Please know that I love my children. As soon as we were able to, we got out of that home. I'm not proud of what I put my kids through though by allowing them to spend even a day in that place. I am blogging this because I need to get things out, and I beg you not to judge me for this. I am already hard enough on myself and have really never forgiven myself for that year of our lives.

What I am trying to get out is that I have tried multiple times over the past year to potty-train this child and I have pulled my hair out each and every time questioning my capabilities as a mother. I cannot tell you what an accomplishment it is to say that she is going potty successfully more often than having accidents. Lol, she is to the point though where she wants to change her panties evertime she goes, lol! Just making sure I am getting use out of that washer and dryer I guess, lol!

Anyway, so yeah.

Family drama.

Irma. emoticon

Puking. emoticon

Back pain. emoticon

Potty-training. emoticon

What a week. emoticon

Can I just sleep through next week and wake up on Friday? I like Fridays.

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    2539 days ago
    As parents all we can do is our best. Lots of things in life could be improved and we would if we could. Beating yourself up is easy to get into, but think what you would say to me if it was me saying it.... and be nice to yourself, you did the best you could with the hand dealt you. Your kids know you love them and will not remember this as as big a problem as you do.

    Lovely to see you back..

    2539 days ago
  • ELISARA2005
    It's really easy to judge if you've never really been in a hard spot. I'm pretty sure most of us have been. My son is four and I'm still struggling to get him trained. Since his father left, he regressed to almost diaper level. It's taken almost a year to get him to the point of wearing cloth undies during the day. Even than 2-3 times a week he has accidents. Just breath. Take some big yoga style deep breaths and just take a second all for YOU. It usually seems better afterward.

    I hope next week goes a bit smoother for you. Besides, if I don't get to sleep in, Lady, either do you! :)
    2540 days ago
    No judgement. You do what you have to do, right? How old is your daughter? One of my sons refused to potty-train until he was almost four years old. Which sucks. But you do what you have to as a parent, right?

    I hope all the stomach bug and stuff is gone, and I'm sorry about your MIL. :/ Just keep going - any chance of going to a chiropractor to help your back? Mine works miracles...
    2540 days ago
    Wow, you have had a week for sure! My oldest son, now 33, I always thought would be the first kid to go to college in diapers! LOL Needless to say, he was not in diapers anywhere near that long, but definitely was still a bedwetter until age 7. I recall a Doctor telling me after all my frustration with the "potty training" routines and frustrations, that some kids just are not mentally ready to put it all together, and to be patient, and not to be too judgmental. She was right, because he finally just stopped wetting the bed one night, and never had a problem again. He also would not use a toilet on his own until he was 4. I had to make sure he went every few hours to avoid accidents, and then they still happened, until just one day around the time he was about 4 yrs. 3 mos.! His younger brother was a piece of cake compared to him to train. By 3 he was completely potty trained. So now I'm 60 and stuck with a one year old Chihuahua I am working on... I don't think it works quite the same for her though! LOL
    2540 days ago
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