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I'll Put the Cobwebs Back in Place

Monday, February 04, 2013

Sorry I'm late. Life's getting in the way a lot more and more these days.

Anyway - just a quickie as, egad, it's after 7 PM and too much other junk has to happen before dinner and TV and bed and, dang, about a thousand other things.

The main thing going on is that the 5K schedule came out. And once we've got some nickels scraped together, we'll be signing up for a bunch. We already have 2 set up. I think we'll do 8 - 10 more. It'll depend on budget and scheduling, and how we feel. I know at the end of last year, we'd done 11 and it felt like 1 too many. But maybe this year will be different, eh?

And I suppose I could be faster. I could save it all up for 1 or 2 races. And maybe I'd be faster, and I'd be better and all of that.

Or not.

But I'd rather do more.


'Cause they're fun.

But really, why?

'Cause I'm 50, and I'm in a tiny division. I actually have a chance at placing no matter where I end up.

But seriously, why? You're nearly always last when fewer than 100 people run, and you tend to be in the bottom 5 when fewer than 250 people run.

Why the hell would you want to subject yourself to that, not once, not twice, but 10 - 12 times this year??!?!??!

Because, you see, I would rather be slow and last than not do it at all.

I would rather be huffing than watching.

And because I know that at some point there will be a slide downhill, when it comes to fitness. And at some point in time, my world will begin to contract, rather than expand.

But I am NOT ready for that.

Not yet.

And when it does finally happen, I want to be able to say that I squeezed all the juice out. So forgive me if I'm too busy, and I'm here, there and everywhere.

'Cause I'm busy squeezin'.
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