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kitty shots and chip

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Yesterday I took my cat for all his shots and to get a chip put in. He had to be sedated as he freaks out when he goes to the vet. He has to go back in 3 weeks for the booster shots. The vet thinks she might be able to give those shots without sedation but I have my doubts. He won't come out of the kennel and he is in there hissing and trying to scratch and bite. We shall see. I feel bad for him that he is so scared but he tends to be high strung. At home he is so loving and sweet most of the time. He turns into jeckal and hyde at the vets.
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    So sorry to hear about your kittyboy's trauma! Some of them just can't handle excursions. You might, if you have time and the courage, try conditioning him to rides. That's usually the warning shot they recognize before "vetting."

    If it's just the Veterinary office, you can try acclimating him to that by asking for a small sample of the table-cleaning disinfectant they use. Find a quiet and stable place in your house for this training. The top of your washer or dryer is usually a good option; it's similar to the metal exam tables he experiences at the Vet's. Wipe the table and let it dry. Then put your kitty up there and "do things" to him, like run your hands all over him, pick up and hold a leg, look or pull on his ears, see if he'll let you open his mouth. Be very matter-of-fact about it. This isn't a petting session. And NEVER allow him to jump down when you're finished! If he begins to get too resistant, then change your handling to more of a caress, tell him how good he is, and PLACE him gently on the floor. It may help to learn to hold him as the doctor or tech would: his rear end under your elbow with his front legs between your fingers of the same hand. Snug him securely against your body. Don't try to actually hold him down or pin him - a dog will tolerate that. Most cats can't.

    If it isn't just the Veterinarian's office which scares him, you might desensitize him to the whole ordeal by starting out teaching him that every ride isn't precursor to that. If he spends the whole ride dreading the destination, he's going to be very difficult to handle when he gets there and terrified to boot. See if you can acclimate him to drives:

    Put him in his kennel with a familiar-smelling towel or piece of your clothing. Let him get a bit hungry before you go (first, it may prevent stress-induced barfing...second, it gives you the advantage of "treating" after the bad ju-ju).

    Take him just out to the car and start it and sit there with him in the kennel. Make sure he can see you clearly through the door. Don't even leave the parking spot. Before he starts to overreact (if there is such a time!), turn the car off and bring him back in the house.

    Praise him wildly the whole time. When you open the door, have his treat ready, right at the threshhold. If he doesn't touch it, or bolts away, fine. Don't try to restrain him or limit his chosen reaction in any way. Give it a few days and try the same routine again.

    When he gets so he can stand this, increase the stress load by simply driving the car out of the parking area and a VERY short turnabout - like around the parking lot or just a few houses down the street and back. Treat him and praise him abundantly afterwards.

    Next, as he acclimates to these two things, drive a short distance with him. Perhaps a couple of miles. Park wherever that distance ends up and sit with him and speak to him gently. Use his name repetitively. Then drive home, same routine
    Do longer trips until you're actually driving to your Veterinarian's office; sit in the parking lot with your kitty, then go home.

    This routine may take a couple months to accomplish. It may not work at all. But it's preferable by far to medicating him, because they get no opportunity to learn from that experience. They're not "really there." If it has to be done, sedating him is a better choice than not taking him to his medical appointments. But best yet would be if you could give him the resources to learn to handle his fear, and that not every trip in the car means a scary one to the Veterinarian.

    I had a kitty who absolutely loved rides. It didn't start out that way, but with practice she got so when she suspected we were "going," she'd come to the door with a hopeful expression. She rode just on a leash, and was all over the car. She even got so she recognized what fast-food was....she'd get up in my husband's lap at the ordering window and holler to the staff ! LOL They'd be like, "what did you say?" There was usually some little meaty tidbit waiting at the window for her. And she'd eat french fries. Go figure. She'd never do that anywhere but in the drive-through. What a case.

    Not all cats can ever adapt. But it's not true that NO cats can. Give yours a chance. He might surprise you.
    2798 days ago

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    That's what I should do! I brought a friendly, un-neutered male kitty into my house about a week ago. I,should get him scanned to find out whether he has a chip! Surprisingly, I don't know what it is, but all of my kitties seem to like going to our vet.
    2810 days ago
    Poor baby, hope he's feeling better.
    2810 days ago
    so funny how animals act. poor baby.
    give lots of hugs and pets!
    2811 days ago
    2812 days ago
  • LIS193
    Poor kitty... Does you vet make house calls? We used to have ours come out and do all the animals at once, 4 horses, 3 dogs, 6 cats - made life so much easier. If only she could have done the kids at the same time LOL
    2812 days ago
    give him some nip?!?
    2812 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13449074
    2812 days ago
    I hope he gets better for you.
    2812 days ago
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