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Friday, February 08, 2013

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This week I’m not posting my “weigh in” numbers because I officially started Whole30! It’s not about losing weight, it’s about breaking food addictions, bad health choices, and establishing good habits.

So…I made my husband hide the bathroom scale.

How has my week gone? Here are my daily notes:

Day One:
Feeling Great and Excited! Meals were good, will take time to get used to the prep work. Honestly, not hungry at day’s end, just “snacky”. I’m having a hot decaf herbal tea to help. Was weird how many vegetables I consumed. May take a few days to figure out the serving sizes that are going to work for me.

Day Two:
Woke up, within 15 minutes was hungry. Before lunch I started feeling “head-achy”. Not sure if it’s the beginning of “carb-flu” or just caffeine withdrawal. Have stuck to 2 eight ounce cups of coffee, one after I eat breakfast and one around 11am. Every meal I’m eating much slower than before, it’s hard to “wolf-down” veggies and meats.

Day Three:
Ugh. Similar to “nicotine” withdrawal. Grouchy. Slightly annoyed by nearly anything. Having trouble figuring out “how much” to eat. For so long, I’ve gauged being full by feeling bloated. Now without the bloated feeling, I’m not sure if I should eat more or not. It’s amazing to go all day not feeling bloated. Trouble concentrating today. Head is “fuzzy”.

Day Four:
Hard to get motivated. Edgy after breakfast. Fixated on donuts. Took me half the day before I stopped and prayed. Got to lean on His Strength. Finally stopped focusing on donuts. This morning my coffee had “flavor” instead of just being bitter. That’s really cool. Went ice skating yesterday (3rd time ever). Was physically exhausted by the end. Have to add in the recommended “snack” portions when I pick up exercise. Carb flu = ick. No sugar coating it (HAHA..Sugar coating It). Am seeing benefits, like no bloating, sleeping more soundly at night, and food flavors.

Day Five:
Last night I was emotionally “unnerved” over something, and sat down to eat. It struck me, this is the pattern I must stop. Eating when emotionally “unbalanced” and letting the food make it better. I left the table to get my spirit right with the Father first. Wow. Total Praise moment. Glory to Him for pulling me through. Still feeling a little off today. Am finally understanding what “satisfied” verses “stuffed” is.

Day Six:
Awesome night of sleep. Woke up genuinely rested. Took too long to get up. From the time I awoke to the time I actually sat down to eat was nearly an hour and a half. Too long considering I’m hungry when I wake up. Hoping as this feeling of rest and energy continues, it’ll help me achieve my goal to be out of the bed by 6am. Within minutes after eating, I’m already feeling better and more awake.
Some other interesting things about this first week:

Worst break out of Acne in my life. Many report “improved” skin. Hoping it’s my hormones trying to get back in gear after years of abuse.
Meal planning and Food Preparation is ESSENTIAL.
For Budget – By planning, buying, and eating according to the meal plan, we stay in budget and can afford to make some “organic” purchases. (We don’t buy everything “organic”, so we drain fats off ‘non-organic” meats and try to buy certain veggies organic based on what’s most likely to have pesticides.)
For Time Management - Thirty minutes Saturday afternoon of boiling chicken breast and chopping veggies = 3 to 4 days of already made salads. (I store with a paper towel over the veggies to absorb moisture, keeps fresh longer.) The meal plan also helps to know which meats to rotate out of the freezer to ensure it’s thawed in time.
For Family – The meal plan is where everyone can see it. Helps keep people away from snacking on items already “planned” for so we don’t run out.
My son has enjoyed most of what I’ve cooked. I feel good knowing my family is eating tons more fruit and veggies over processed foods and sugar. My husband is totally on board and loving the menu too!
I forgot how delicious fresh/frozen fruit is.

I haven’t been exercising because I wanted to take time adjusting to my new habits. I will be adding back exercise this Friday. I wanted to give myself a full week of adjusting to the new way of eating and let my body catch up. Plus, with exercising, I also have to add in snacks to the meal planning.

I’m feeling better every day. Something else I’ve noticing is I “think” about food a lot less. It’s slightly embarrassing to realize how much of my day/time was consumed with thinking about food. Now I’m enjoying food when it’s meal time, however, not “thinking” about food in-between meals as much.

And the food is DELICIOUS! No bloated, discomfort, achy mess. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful that is.

This week, I’ve decided I’m going to memorize a verse shared by one of the amazing ladies in the “Weigh-In Wednesday” group I’ve been linking up with:

“But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” ~ Isaiah 40:31
I want to know it by heart and speak it with truth if I start to feel like “giving in” to the “lazy bones”. (Speaking of bones, I’m making my first bone broth. I’ll let you know next week how that one turned out!)

I’m still linking up over at Kim’s. Such awesome support and encouragement from these wonderful women.

Hope you are meeting your goals and finding success!
If you are wondering more about the Whole30 I highly recommend checking it out, (and like my friend over at The Health Wish), I am also recommending the book “It Starts with Food“.

In Love & Faith,

P.S. I know, who does a P.S. in a blog? Me! For those following along, today over at Liz Curtis Higgs the Chapter she’ll be updating next on is “Embrace Forgiveness.” I truly enjoyed this chapter of her book. “His Grace is Enough”.

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