Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Once there was an elephant named Hobo who did not like living in the jungle. He did not like the tall trees blocking the sun. He did not like the snakes crawling everywhere. He did not like the humidity on hot summer days. Each day he walked about thinking of how he could find something interesting to do or find a way to get out of the jungle.
Day after day he watched the cute, young Boaz twins Eli and Elisabeth walk through the jungle in the morning and come back to their red, brick, jungle home in the evening. He noticed that each time they left they had these little rectangular things in their hands.
One day he heard Elisabeth say, “ Eli, you forgot your books.” Eli had gone back into their red, brick, jungle home and came back out with some of those little, rectangular things in different colors.
So that is what those little rectangular things are Hobo said to himself…. BOOKS. I wonder what they do with the books? All day long he thought about the little books.
Hobo made sure he was there when the twins came home from wherever it was that they went each day. He got as close as he could to their trail so he could see the books more clearly. He saw that there were little marks on the front of them and some pictures too. He wanted to see the bright colorful pictures more clearly but he did not want to scare the Boaz twins.
Hobo thought all night long. He wanted to see the books so badly that he could not sleep. He rolled from one chubby side to another until darkness turned into dawn.
Then he got up and headed to the Boaz red, brick jungle home to wait for the twins. He had decided that today he would follow them.
Today when the twins came out the door of their red, brick jungle home, Hobo was so excited that his big, floppy elephant ears flew up in the air. They were tuned in to every sound that the Boaz twins made with their movements or talking.
Elisabeth and Eli walked down the thin path from their home along the bumpy driveway. When they had gotten a little ways from the house the path took a sharp curve to the west. As they walked Hobo kept his distance and tried to keep his big feet quiet.
A few minutes later they came to a clearing. Hobo was excited because he could see some sunrays coming through the trees and hitting the grass in the clearing turning it to a shiny gold. There were two big paths that crossed in the clearing.
All of a sudden Hobo heard a strange noise, HONK, HONK!” A big blue Jeep passed by the Boaz twins. The person inside waved at them. Hobo knew a Jeep because a big red Jeep had come to the jungle when he was younger and his mom said the men in them were mean. She had said that they take elephants away. Hobo had remembered that so he stayed hidden as the Boaz twins continued on the way.
Finally Hobo decided to risk following them when he saw no more Jeeps. They crossed over a small river on a bridge. Hobo did not need a bridge he could just walk across so when they were on the other side he followed them walking easily through the small river.
Hobo began to hear some new noises. Swish. Swish. And it sounded like a lot of people talking at once. He listened closely.
All of a sudden he saw a big opening. It had a big crossing and lots of things that looked like Jeeps going both ways. He saw some lights that were green, yellow, and red.
They kept switching and taking turns on which one was brighter. Sometimes he heard a “HONK.” The most amazing things he saw was really huge things that looked something like the Boaz twins red, brick, home but were much higher and had flat roofs.
Hobo watched as Elisabeth and Eli crossed over the crossing and went into one of those really big houses. This house had big markings on it L-I-B-R-A-R-Y. Hobo saw the next building had the markings M-A-R-K-E-T on it. Hobo wondered what those markings were. They looked something like the markings on the books the twins carried.
Hobo paced back and forth and back and forth at his place at the edge of the jungle until he was beginning to make a rut in the soil. “OH WHAT SHALL I DO?” he asked himself.
Finally, Hobo decided to try to follow the twins into that building. He stepped out into the sunlight. It felt very warm and calming to his back. He liked it so far. He wondered if this is what people called the city.
He made it to the huge path that crossed. Some of the Jeeps stopped and pointed at him. Some kept going. Some went faster. He knew he would have to be careful not to step on some of the very small jeeps.
He went very slowly and some of the jeeps stopped to let him go in front of them. Some yelled at him. He finally made it to the door that Eli And Elisabeth had gone into. He pushed it with his long trunk but his head was too big to go through. He tried to stick his foot in first, but his shoulders were too big to go through.
Hobo was very sad. How would he ever find out about the books? He looked around. Maybe if he went around to another side he could get in.
He started to walk around the building but the front of the M-A-R-K-E-T building had some good-looking greens in front. He began to feel hungry.
He went over to the greens and all the people ran inside. He could see them watching him out the windows as he had a nice snack that was marked L-E-T-T- U-C-E.
Finally, a man yelled at him from the door. The man looked very mean. He wondered if he was one of the men that take elephants from the jungle.
Hobo decided to move on around the building. He saw a lot of little doors on the side but they were way up high. They were too small for him too. He wondered if he would ever be able to find out about the books.
As he rounded the corner of the huge building, he saw a big door. His big floppy ears danced in the air, and his tail twirled he was so excited. That door would surely be big enough to let him in. There was a problem though, it was shut and had not handle and he could not push it in.
All of a sudden he heard a loud rambling sound like a storm. Around the corner came a short Jeep attached to a huge Jeep. He watched as the big door started to go up until it was out of sight. He wondered where the door had gone.
When the jeeps went through the door and it did not close he decided that he would try to go in. He moved slowly. He heard people behind him. He moved a little faster and went into the door. He did it just in time as the door came down right behind him blocking the people from getting him.
Inside he saw lots and lots of big brown rectangles. Way up high on the top of this place were some bright, round, white lights. They looked like stars at night. The jeeps were there too and a man was taking other brown rectangles from the back of it. He carried them on a little tiny jeep with only two wheels through another big door.
Hobo finally looked through that door. There were lots of books. They looked like they were all lined up on cliffs. There was a lady there and she called them stacks.
When the man and the lady left, Hobo moved a little closer. He saw a book on the end and it had a cover that looked like green leaves on the stack with the markings of S-C-I-E-N-C-E. He took the book with his trunk. It smelled strange. It looked like it would be good to eat. He placed it in his mouth with his trunk. He started to chew it. YUCK! It did not taste like the good greens that were on the top. Hobo concluded that books were not to eat.
He took another colorful book and put it in his trunk. Maybe books were only to carry.
Then he heard some voices. He quietly moved to the end of the stacks so he cold see who was talking. There he saw Elisabeth and Eli. He also saw a tall lady like the twins mom. He listened and heard Elisabeth call her a librarian. He wondered what a librarian did.
As he watched them from his hidden spot in the stacks he saw her take a book and turn the pages and talk. When she got to the end and closed the book Eli said, “read us another story please.”
“Read” Hobo said to himself. That must be what she is doing. She is reading the book. I bet that is what Eli and Elisabeth do with them too.
He watched as the next book was read. The librarian showed them pictures too. Books had pictures and markings. He laid the book he had in his trunk down on the floor and turned the pages.
He kept his ears open too as he watched and heard the librarian say, “ do you know what the word explore means?”
Eli said, “ it means to look into something closely or to examine it.”
“That is right Eli”, said the librarian.
Hobo looked at the book he had. That is what he was doing. He was looking into the book closely examine it. His ears danced again. All those little markings were words he decided.
He heard the librarian say, “ Well, boys and girls that is all for today’s story hour. Hope to see you again tomorrow.”
The girls and boys got up and began to move. Hobo took that as his sign to get out of there. He headed back to the big door. The big and little jeeps were just pulling out. Hobo hurried out after them.
People stared and yelled at him as he once again crossed the huge, crossed paths and headed into the jungle. He went just a little ways and waited to see if the twins would come.
It was not long and he saw them coming down the path talking happily and swinging more books in their hands. He followed them listening carefully. He heard them say how much fun it was to go to the library.
Library he said to himself. That is what L-I-B-R-A-R-Y markings meant on the building. Today I went to the library.
When Eli and Elisabeth made it home safely Hobo went to his special place in the jungle where he liked to think. Today, I have learned a lot he thought. I went to the library that has lots of books on cliffs. There is a nice lady there who reads to people. She reads out of books that have pictures and marks that make words.
Hobo lowered himself down in the cool grass. His ears and tail did another dance. He was happy. Today, I explored he thought to himself. I explored books and the Library. I looked at both closely to examine them.
As he lay there contented with his day he fell asleep and dreamed of going to the Library another day. He loved to explore. Exploring was FUN!

By Mrs. Hallie Fanchier
January 2013
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    I enjoyed reading that &, as I did, I thought that I must copy & paste this to send to our Grandblessings. I believe that they will enjoy reading it. emoticon

    I have always enjoyed emoticon & gave the love of reading to our three & our daughter has done the same with our Grandblessings.

    God bless!

    1529 days ago
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    Neat story! Improbable, but terrific to imagine such a thing. Sounds like a story that would definitely appeal to kids. Good Luck with it.

    Hugs, Eve
    2786 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7658463
    2786 days ago
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