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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hi SP

boy last 2 days were miserable. I got that cold that been going around for 2x time!

...did the ab ripper from p90x last night.

eating my 3 meals....

I m not jumping on the scale, measuring my size.....

I don't want to obsess this time.... although I do have 3 weddings now to be at in summer.

the ab ripper was hard, but it was the cold... but I did it.

GOOD THINGS that has HAPPENED since I am back:

1. COOKING For family
I mean real cooking, not of the costco shove into oven pre-processed food.

2. Exercised
better than watching TV and laying in bed all day ;p

Boy I thought more.... but I m less than 1 wk in...

I need....
to buy new running shoes, same marathon one...and it's couple 100 miles over due.

find all my running gadgets bc my DD starts her girls on the run soon.

I need to figure out a good faster c25k program... or a plan

any one know how to train to be a faster runner?

spark on!
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