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Monday, March 04, 2013

Many doings here, in Jespahland.

I had an in-person interview today. And on Wednesday, I'll have a second phone screen with a different place. Progress, no?



Both are in data analysis. Hence I want to do neither.

But my current gig is a startup and they just don't have enough bucks.

I am not asking for enough for Caribbean vacations. I am asking for enough to pay my mortgage.

But the one from today was/is a temp gig until the end of the calendar year. Hence there is some appeal there - make some cabbage and hold my nose and do the work, but at least there's an end in sight.

Now, contrast that with the whole weight loss experience.

We don't interview for it - it just happens in the sense that we have metabolisms that begin to falter, or we don't eat right or we don't work out enough or whatever - there are all sorts of reasons for becoming overweight, but we get there. Kinda doesn't matter if we take the train or the trolley, eh? So we get there. And we might try on various methodologies. We work hard and, perhaps we prove ourselves or the methods become proven or whatever.

And we go on for a while, and then, eventually, well, what?

It's not a short-term contract with a hard and fast end date. It's a permanent gig. It's not something where there is an end to the behaviors - the behaviors go on. And that can sometimes be a little hard to take.

After all, we want to get back to "normal", right?

So, what's normal? What's the end point? What's the part that happens after?

It's not a backslide into older behaviors, for then you get back to Square One and you've gotta do it all over again. That's no good. But it's not necessarily doing the exact same thing, day in, day out, forever. After all, our bodies change, and sometimes things (seemingly inexplicably) stop working. Or we tear our hair out, hating the rut. Or age or injury or whatever conspire to make it so that we really can't continue to do the precise, exact same thing until we finally keel over.

It's little differences, and strangenesses, and quirks, yes, and a boatload of creativity and improvisation. We roll with the punches, as the scale seems to, at times, have a mind of its own, or our measurements feel less than optimal, or that pair of jeans that fit just fine last year are suddenly too tight. Or too loose. For even the positive serendipitous changes are still changes.

In some ways, I suppose, this journey is a job. So let us make it a good job, that we do with pride and creative spirit. One where we don't keep hitting the alarm clock every morning because we hate getting up and going to it. One where we pull together and buy into its success.

Go team.
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