March 5, 2013 -What am I doing to encourage myself to stay on track?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Well, I'm trying to maintain variety in the fruits and veggies. If it's interesting I am more likely to stick with it. When I eat raw I have hummus as dip. I LOVE hummus. So that helps. I'm feeling thinner and weighing a little less and that is always good motivation. If I stick with all the other things like drinking water and exercising regularly that really helps too. Sometimes you let down in one department and the whole thing starts to go downhill fast. I guess my mantra for this part of the challenge is "Stay the course". You can't win if you quit.

I could probably be more eloquent and come up with a few more ideas but I have to post this for the points. Have a good evening. (for the next 10 minutes anyway)
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