My 1st Half Marathon

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Well I did it! After all these months of talking about the half marathon I finally did it and now it's hard to believe that it has already passed. I have a medal to prove it though!

When I woke up early on Sunday morning it was COLD! 22 degrees to be exact and I was kind of freaking out about that. I don't like the cold and I certainly don't like running in it either but I bundled up and got going. I took a plastic coffee cup with hot tea in it to keep me warm (more on that later). It was a hectic morning trying to find all my friends and we didn't get to take any before photos except with my hubs and my friend Elizabeth.

Because it was so hectic we couldn't find where to check our bags so our friend had to hold all of our stuff. Since he was already loaded down I didn't want to ask him to hold my coffee cup too...but I also didn't want to throw it away lol. The race started at 8:00 am but because there were so many people I didn't get to cross the starting line until about 8:19. The first 3 miles I ran with my coffee cup which wasn't ideal but I felt kind of silly. One of my friends saw me on the sideline and said that I looked so relaxed out for a morning jog haha (kind of wish I had a pic of this). As soon as I saw another friend at mile 3 I dropped that off and felt much better not carrying it around.

Miles 1 through 7 went pretty well. I felt good and it was looking good. The cold wasn't bothering me as much as I thought it was so I was really pleased about that. About mile 8 things started to go downhill (as I was going uphill!). The course isn't extremely hilly but I was getting tired and every incline felt like a mountain. Mile 9 through 12 were probably the worse, I walked a lot more than I thought I would and my time slipped further and further behind. There were times when my feet were cramping so bad it hurt to walk much less to run. I kept expecting for my second wind to come but it never really did. I ran more between 12 & 13.1 than I wanted to but it was more for pride than my ability. By the time I crossed the finish line every part of my body was hurting and rebelling.

I learned some things during this race that I plan to implement in my next one.
1) Let my Garmin keep running even when I have to stop...I had a bathroom break that my Garmin didn't account for and my ending time was about 10 min different than I thought it was going to be because of it and I didn't even realize it until much later.
2) Go to the bathroom right before the race starts so I don't have to stop.
3) Only stop to pee if I think I'm going to pee in my pants, the long wait really screwed me up.
4) Check everything I don't need, no sense in carrying around extra stuff.

I'm a slow runner anyway and when I stopped for 10 min to go to the bathroom I ended up in the back with the walkers. This made it harder to motivate myself to run more because everyone around me was just made it so much easier to walk.

Overall it wasn't the best running experience I've had and I was disappointed with my time (3:25) but I am proud of myself for completing it and now I had a time to beat for next time. I know I didn't train enough this go round so I know what I need to do for next time and I will do better.

After with our medals!

Blinging out my car with my pretty rhinestone 13.1 decal!

After when I got home...says "Will Run for Cupcakes"...I still haven't gotten that dang cupcake lol.
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