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Saturday, March 09, 2013

hello to everyone! ive been away for far too long. ive been on a pity party cruise going on a few months now.i thot that after i had my surgery(removal of 10lb fibroid and uterus)my life would become this amazing journey i had always envisioned.and for a little bit i was flyin high, unstoppable. until i hit a wall and was outta the game, well, until now. i reached one of my major wt loss goals. and youd think this would motivate me to keep on truckin. nope. freaked me right out. everywhere i went i was getting attention for my weight loss. and then my worst enemy started showing up everywhere i went. myself. and instead of hearing the congrats, all i heard was my exs voice telling me it wouldnt last and then that little inner voice kicked in. the one that kept telling me that everyone was just waiting for me to start gaining weight,that i was just a joke. add to this my daughter, who up until the moment i started getting attention for my wt loss and she wasnt getting any, was my most faithful supporter, cheerleader, motivator. suddenly, all i heard from her was how we should just have a treat that nite, which turned into many nites in a row, and we went from doing our workouts together to suddenly they werent good enuff and she joined a gym, with her bf, leaving me to do the workouts alone. and yes, i need to be responsible for my own wt loss journey and the comittment involved, but, in my defense, right or wrong, until that point, we had been an inseparable team, tackling the wt loss journey together.
so, im going to get back to what has worked for ME. coming here to a nurturing and motivating community of ppl who reach out to me when im frustrated and encourage me to reach my goals without any jealousy or sabotage..
be careful who you let journey with you on your wt loss goals and healthiness lifestyle overhaul, some will be blessings some will be lessons.learn to spot the differences and dont be afraid to make necessary changes.
remember changes are hard, but living with regrets is harder.
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